• Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 9

    Yeah, that looks about right. I swear I never used to be this tired at 3 AM. Am I getting old? Or maybe it's just because it's been more than a week at this point. Are you getting tired too, everypony? I wouldn't blame you if you were; this is a lot of work to keep up with! But even if you're feeling down, let's keep going forward together, ok? If you're feeling a little drained at this point I understand, but you're all doing so amazingly so far, and I know you have it in you to keep going. I believe in you! Just like I believe these 189 bushy maned ponies are some of the cutest things I've ever laid eyes on. Er... not accounting for filly night just a few days back. Look, you guys make a ton of cute art, ok?

    Here is your daily link to the submission page, along with a brief reminder that if you can't get it to function properly after several tries, please feel free to send it along to [email protected] It will knock your entry down to the bottom, but at least it'll be there, right? A second bit of clarification, as I'm getting more comments about being confused by this. The deadline is Midnight at Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -7).

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw two(!) ponies making music.
    And also one of the ponies should be using a string instrument that's smaller than a double bass and similar to a harp and she should have a mint colored coat and... ok, I'm kidding. Or am I? Yes. But... anyway. Two ponies. Music. Orchestral ponies on parade. Or maybe shipping central. We're being extra ambitious today because it's the weekend. Whee!

    Tonight's one of those nights where I don't think I have a whole lot left to say tonight that wouldn't just be keeping you away from seeing all these lovely ponies. The quality of the ideas and execution is as stellar as ever. I do want to apologize if it seems like my commentary kind of peters out as the submissions tick on tonight. I heard some things that kind of shook me up a bit most of the way through sorting, and I'm having difficulty cracking jokes right now. Things will be better tomorrow, I promise! The morning after...

    1) By Makkon

    2) By Ethrx

    3) By Moogie

    4) By Goldfish

    5) By Anakah

    6) By Lacrox

    7) By ChaosDrop

    8) By PandaRoux

    9) By zomgitsalaura

    10) By Emerald Dust (Quelle horreur!)

    11) By Pterosaur (You know Dash, that is a very good question.)

    12) By Fish0and0chips

    13) By Doc New!FillySAOwk

    14) By Euro

    15) By FoxOfWar

    16) By FrostV952

    17) By Mellowbloom (>Implying Scratch can't handle her liquor)

    18) By Kjh242

    19) By Daniel (danis2005)

    20) By Gig

    21) By Twilight360

    22) By Doombah

    23) By Konig (The artist reports - sexy vectors = sextors)

    24) By blindferret

    25) By Magnet (Derpy, what are you doing? That's not where the bed goes.)

    26) By Milk (I think if I woke up in the morning with an alligator in my hair I would be upset.)

    27) By Lorina

    28) By Tarynsgate (Somehow she's even cuter with the frazzled mane.)

    29) By Sherlock Hooves (Those oranges will get you f--ked up.)

    30) By Xeonneo`

    31) By Atlur

    32) By Blueberry Muffin

    33) By Stabbercube

    34) By MHPayne

    35) By RexNinja

    36) By Family Man

    37) By Knightly

    38) By Shiver (Seriously, look at her. She's so grumpy and cute.)

    39) By MHPayne

    40) By Inspiration (What are YOU looking at!?)

    41) By Mockingbird

    42) By Partition

    43) By Invidlord (There's something about the silver mane that looks nice on Celly.)

    44) By EssAeEm

    45) By Damian Foxx

    46) By Dragon Rage

    47) By Easteu

    48) By Kitty Tail (Look at that! How did she not win that poll!? I ask you!)

    49) By Facelessguru

    50) By Chris

    51) By Goggle Sparks

    52) By Starlight Spark

    53) By PenguinPlayer

    54) By LoomX (Derpy beore her morning muffin.)

    55) By Nido Media

    56) By Tabs

    57) By Prison (Every teacher's nightmare: a workday.)

    58) By Cammy

    59) By Quantum

    60) By MasterofRoku

    61) By Mere Jump (What a night that must have been.)

    62) By Moabite

    63) By kits

    64) By Bananizen

    65) By Thattagen (Thanks for explaining the joke, Pinkie.)

    66) By rich-tea

    67) By A Terrible Person

    68) By Sneo (Me too.)

    69) By Dangereaux

    70) By Crimson Risk

    71) By lead_hooves

    72) By Ori (Nani ga deru kana?)

    73) By Eliwood10

    74) By Nullh

    75) By ParallaxMLP

    76) By Lunar Apologist (Looks like Luna slept well.)

    77) By Djrk16

    78) By Lancer5317

    79) By loz

    80) By Chromadancer

    81) By ClearSkies

    82) By Chriss

    83) By Smock (Taking the obvious joke to the next level.)

    84) By Kitsune

    85) By Amehdaus

    86) By Doctor Whoof Fanatic

    87) By Natry

    88) By Doc Steadly

    89) By PinkamenaPie (Potentially interesting fic material here.)

    90) By Rraden

    91) By Syggie (I hate it when that happens!)

    92) By Erthilo (The true face of Trollestia.)

    93) By The Obsessor

    94) By Tanman

    95) By Sorekey (Another one of these and I will pop.)

    96) By Pony Stark

    97) By Paintroller

    98) By Ambrose

    99) By Omega RKB

    100) By Tarragon

    101) By Lolstaz

    102) By Shockwave

    103) By Starlight Bolt

    104) By Quill

    105) By Silver Shine

    106) By Miyajima (*kaboom*)

    107) By Alipes

    108) By Illumina

    109) By Tenchi Outsuno (Sleepy Luna is best Luna.)

    110) By Infinity

    111) By Rachel (This is both hilarious and oddly attractive at the same time.)

    112) By Squidbombed

    113) By Gear X. Machina (Oh yes!)

    114) By Kt Kat

    115) By usernr333

    116) By scio (Taking the obvious joke to the even nexter level.)

    117) By Taco Bandit

    118) By Hakys

    119) By Saphin

    120) By RaspleZS (...Goodnight, everypony!)

    121) By Leaf Growth

    122) By Windfall

    123) By Haafiz

    124) By auiumn

    125) By Luna

    126) By Sali (Just remember that this is a bad dream, ok?)

    127) By Sali (See, she woke up.)

    128) By Frith

    129) By Coquette

    130) By Neoridgeback

    131) By Prismatic Pretzel

    132) By Buddy Vox

    133) By Macon Mixx

    134) By Flaskgarg

    135) By Alleen

    136) By Starlite

    137) By Darren Geoberos Castillo

    138) By Fox E:

    139) By Canadian Bacon

    140) By Condor

    141) By Rydel

    142) By unholyhen (Whahuh?)

    143) By Fickle (I'm told Zecora is at fault here.)

    144) By PinkiePied

    145) By Relias

    146) By Zach (Brushie brushie brushie?)

    147) By Ginzaa

    148) By Drilltooth

    149) By Uncle Leo

    150) By Spurs (Uh oh.)

    151) By TopoCruz

    152) By toonboy92484

    153) By SiuiS (That looks like me... h-hey!)

    154) By Circuit Mane

    155) By Panda_Instinct

    156) By Virga Rainboom

    157) By StarStep

    158) By FroggyFran

    159) By Immersa (This is the wisest report Twilght would ever write.)

    160) By TapeDiggity

    161) By Muffinsforever

    162) By Da Chi

    163) By Kooldude

    164) By Riokenn

    165) By Pacce

    166) By DJ Rainbow Dash

    167) By Foxdeimos

    168) By Alleydodger

    169) By Eeful

    170) By Arion

    171) By Kelz

    172) By ThunderThorn

    173) By The Recliner

    174) By Periphery

    175) By Filiecs

    176) By 8ftmetalhead (And it looks like somepony is.)

    177) By nuclearsuplexattack (I like the liquidy look of her hair.)

    178) By Passer Palmatum

    179) By Fetchbeer

    180) By Entropy (This is how good romance works. Everything is subtly implied. 5 stars.)

    181) By djTeka

    182) By Mr. Wonko

    183) By DJ RBDash

    184) By Mr. Paulsen

    185) By Shiko

    186) By SpiritofthwWolf

    187) By StarSongPony

    188) By Avohkah Tamer

    189) By VeoBandit