• Story: Secrets of Harmony

    [Adventure] That is the longest description I have ever seen. He's also promising a minimum of fifteen chapters! Sounds like an epic tail. Tale. See what I did there?

    Author: Mizukame
    Description: With the incident of the eternal night left behind, Equestria has returned to normal, its habitats living in peace and joy. However, clouds of unknown origin start to cover the entire land, blocking the radiance of the sun and threatening the routine life of Equestria. The mane cast works together to find the cause and a solution to this. Meanwhile, Windy Rose, a young Pegasus from Cloudsdale, seeks to prove to her mother she is capable of accomplish her dreams on her own, following them even if it means going against her will. As the situation unfolds, they'll discover there's more behind the Elements of Harmony than what they know, all being put to test to reveal its mysteries.
    Secrets of Harmony: Prologue
    Secrets of Harmony: Chapter I
    Secrets of Harmony: Chapter II
    Secrets of Harmony: Chapter III
    Secrets of Harmony: Chapter IV

    Additional Tags: Long, Epic, Elements of Harmony, Battle, Adventure

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