• Fanfiction News Time!

    Fanfiction news time!

    There are a few things that may be going on here with Google Docs:

    1.  Someone is pulling a youtube and reporting pony stories
    2.  It's a bug (I have seen 2 stories immediately shut down for no apparent reason)
    3.  Having any clopfiction at all in your personal documents lists results in the others being terminated as well. (A few clopfics/borderline clopfics have been specifically terminated, out of 700+ normal stories in the archive.)

    For now at least, you can appeal your document, or simply send me a FF.net/Deviant Art/Whatever link to use instead.  If you are really feeling adventurous,   I can just copy paste your entire story into the post and create multiple blog pages for it.  But honestly, FF.net is pretty robust, and the main reason people complain about it is due to the huge amount of junk that gets posted.  That doesn't really matter for you docs users who are posting it here anyway!

    Only a few google docs have been banned, so most are still safe it seems.  You might want to send an alternate just in case though.

    It is still suggested that you send me FF.net/DA links instead.

    New Tags

    • -Added human tag for stories that involve humans/humanized ponies. 
    • -Added tags for sub characters that were simply listed as "Other" before (Scratch, Cheerilee, ect)
    • -Compiling Dr. Whoof stories and removing crossover/Adding a section for him in the archive. He really is just part of FiM at this point.  This process will take place over a few days (I don't get much spare time anymore for big projects)
    •  -Possibly removing "Random" and converting all "Random" into "Comedy", it's pretty much the same thing anyway.
    • -Taking requests for a new tag to replace "Random"'s purple.  I have a color to use now! yay~
    • -Still taking author tags on request
    • -Still updating Adventure/Comedy/Sci-fi on request

    As always, please email all tag change requests Sethisto@gmail.com. Include TAG CHANGE in the subject header.   A lot of these will take a while to update on my own, so please send me your requests with a link to your story! 

    I'm also considering just removing 2 star stories, as well as "incomplete" stories that seem un-updated for months (As in from January/February). General archive cleanup is always good.
    Axed that idea!

    Word counts might be added as well, though I realize a lot of people don't know how to do that, which is why it wasn't added already.

    As always, I am open to suggestions.  You can email them to the address above.


    1. Like I said, since the ban doesn't delete the document, it might be best to appeal the ban and save a version to your computer for re-uploading.

    2. Lol, I got a Google Docs banner ad at the top of the page...

    3. I use deviant art, but that's still pretty bad.

      I may have to use a new email if I want to upload my dashfire fic...

    4. Ooh, ooh! How about a "Poll" tag, since we're doing polls again?

      (Also, the next poll should be which mane six Pony is your favorite, or how many times you've watched all the episodes).

    5. No harm in leaving up low rated stories and incomplete stuff, it's not hurting anyone being there.

    6. And I swear to god if you remove my fic just because it's been 36 days since it updated I will SLAY YOU.

    7. that picture makes no sense

    8. @ Anonymous

      There is actually a poll tag already ^^

    9. @ NinesTempest

      I'm talking about stuff from back in January and february.

    10. @NinesTempest Just update it. :P

      This is a disaster. D:

    11. @Seth
      Maybe add a SFW tag? To keep out borderline clopfics perhaps?

    12. @Sethisto
      Oh...herp derp's on me.

    13. I can just hear the General Manager at Google...


    14. @Sethisto
      I know lol. I was lookin' through the archive yesterday actually, found a couple gems. Don't touch the HFPS.

      @rangergx9I am going to dot his hopefully in the next few weeks, if school doesn't rape me.

    15. The entirety of the Pony Psychology Series, as well as Chapter 3 of Pony Effect (The Mass Effect Crossover) have been marked down as “Violating Terms and Services.”

      Just in case no one knew.

    16. I admit I really prefer Google Docs, since it makes it easy for me to save it for reading offline and on my iPod. I hope this is just a mistake and doesn't become a trend.

    17. I was about to send word counts of my documents. I will send them to you right away so you can add them.

      Also, respect Google docs situation, it feels like what happens in YouTube. It looks more like the work of trolls rather than the oficial organ doing it.

    18. @Anonymous
      Should we try to reupload these? I have them all saved, pretty sure they're unedited unless I accidentally fixed a few typos.

    19. In support of everything... except deleting the old and/or low star stuff.

      Not hurting anything by being there, and some incompletes that are pretty old are actually still pretty good. Low stars a bit iffier, but I think that if nothing else they should stay up for an example of how "not to do it"

    20. Re-uploading for anyone who has the stories would be a good idea, I believe. Gems like the Psychology Series and Pony Effect for example are really hard to come by, and should not spend a potentially long time locked away due to a few trolls.

      …And I’m against removing low rated/incomplete stories as well. Low-rated are good examples of how not to write, and incompletes can always have people coming back after a long time. Stranger things have happened.

    21. > Delete January/February
      They're good for nostalgia purposes ("See kids? Back when this fanfom was newer, THIS was what Progress is to us now!"), but-

      > that are incomplete
      ...I'LL GO GET MY LIST.

    22. @Anonymous
      if anyone has the email of the person with pony psychology, I can give him a link with ability to edit the doc (as well as remove my permission to edit it)

    23. seth i have waited 5 dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyysssssssssssssssssssssss hurry and get a email or upload it do somethinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

    24. @rainbowdashrocks

      Asking about it won't help, Seth usually sends it to pre-readers, and they reply to him with their thoughts, so don't rush him, it'll be awhile.

    25. Wow, so many types of tag changes. I'm afraid to change a few because of massive spoilers.

      Hopefully this Google Docs mess gets sorted out soon.

    26. Just checked and the Pony Psychology series was accessible again. I guess either it was fixed on the other end or an appeal got through. Either way this is a beacon of hope.

      Pony Effect Chapter 3 is still down though, and the fact that it’s only that 1 chapter of the whole 4 chapter story hints to it being a troll. Google fixing things themselves or deleting via lists would likely have gotten the whole story. I mean, who starts to read at Chapter 3?

    27. Guys

      I can't find any High Fructose Porn Syrup story.


    28. @ NinesTempest

      Did they all get banned? 0_o

      I think most of his were still screencaps.

    29. @Sethisto
      Just his really old stuff.

      but Some Important Things, Schmautz, Dragon wars, Whitetail Woods, fucking every gdoc he had is down.

      FUCKNIG HELL I wanted to read dragon wars...

    30. @Anonymous


      please tell me its back up on DA or FanFIc.com

    31. Meanwhile at Google HQ...

      "President Google!"
      "A colt just coughed in this fanfiction!"
      "...Delete. Frickin'. EVERYTHING."

    32. I had no idea Google could even do that. This seems a tad unethical, like reading someone's e-mails.

      And just as I was going to submit my first ever fanfiction too. -_-

    33. Yep. This hit my "Prince Charming" story as well. Fixed it with DA though.

    34. I'd really, really like copies of all the downed documents, just so I can run a sweep on them and see if there are common keywords between them.

      That said, there's clearly at least SOME bug here, if blank documents are locking up too.

    35. Hey Seth, what happened to that 'Borderline-Clopfic-Shipping-That-Wasn't-Even-Borderline-But-Was-Still-Cool' Fic that disappeared off of EqD really quite quickly? Was called 'Loves Lost Life' or something. Was Luna x Celestia (kind of). I tried to link it to a few friends but it was gone by the time I'd finished reading it. Feels bad, pony.

    36. "But honestly, FF.net is pretty robust, and the main reason people complain about it is due to the huge amount of junk that gets posted."

      Yeah I'm guilty as charged because half the stuff I write is spur of the moment good ideas hashed together haphazardly as possible before I lose that magical spark and sometimes the spark didn't exist at all and I make stuff up as I go along.(Fanfiction.net and Deviantart are better for handling larger stories, my computer crashed because a of a google doc's once)

      There are some upsides to the google docs, though if they destroy Fallout: Equestria things are going to go down. Hopefully someone is backing up that series.

      Evil has almost no standards, unfortunately I'm trying to have standards.

    37. @Display Name
      Oh Display, you're SO late to the party! I already said that!

    38. I find this development highly homosexual.

      Anyway, yes, this is paraspriting: Google can't physically screen the amount of documents they get, same as with YouTube. Just re-host or re-submit, not like it does anything anyway.

    39. Pony Psychology author Saddlesoap, here.

      I don't plan to play sillybuggers with some troll over and over. I am deleting ALL google docs on my account, and re-uploading on FF.net.

      I will submit the appropriate links soon.

    40. > make "dead incomplete" list
      > send to seth
      > go back to this post
      > idea gets axed
      > shrugpinkie.jpg

    41. As I only really use GoogleDocs while proofreading and editing this doesn't really effect me too much. All my stuff's already on FanFic.net anyway.

      Still, it makes me wonder what's going on.

    42. @ z Fluttershy x

      People complained so I deleted it.

      Anyway hopefully this just temporary. I really like google docs.

    43. Ug, that same piece of horse apples hit my google docs version of Sewing the Red Thread of Fate. I mean, that was just an alternate for the DA version anyway, but it's still annoying. Some people just need to learn to grow up.

      A possible solution could be to make future docs private: since you have to be signed in/invited to view private docs...

    44. @Saddlesoap

      I think your overreacting, shouldn't be rash until you know what this really is.

    45. This comment has been removed by the author.

    46. It's probably 4chan stepping up their pony hate.

    47. "Let's take a break from all this human in Equestria clopfic writing and see what's new on EqD!"
      *removes WIP link from list and sets document to private*

    48. How would 4chan even make google take down documents?

    49. Excuse me but a lot of us came from 4chan. Don't blame the whole orchard for a few bad apples.

    50. Google docs always has issues, either the sign in crap or having to reload multiple times when an error message pops up. Plus it loads awfully slow for large files. I prefer reading stories off of FF.net most.

      Personally I don't understand why the writers don't edit and proofread before posting on the internet, but then again I don't write any ff myself so I mean no offense if I seem rude.

    51. Can we talk about this image real quickly? Why is the foggy magicness coming out of her crotch?

    52. @The Lovely Penguin

      I have all of my docs set to private until I finish them, so if anyone is worried about their WIP's it probably wouldn't hurt to set them to private.


      Can docs be reported? If they can, then that's definitely a way someone can get stuff taken down.

    53. @Mo Yeong-Su

      I think it's supposed to be coming from her left hoof, but hey, I could be wrong.

      I suggest adding a Drama tag, or something similar for stories which have many serious elements. There's Normal and Grimdark, and not much in between.

    54. Story pulled from Google Docs

      Back up in ten seconds flat

    55. Hi, author of Pony Effect here.

      I already requested a review of the ban and are crossing my fingers they'll do something about it soon.

      In the meantime, would it be better if I reupload the entire chapter?

      Also, I'm seriously considering getting a FF.net account because of this. DA with their html formatting drives me up the wall when they remove all my formatting.

    56. @Mo Yeong-Su

      Artist of the picture her!

      Thundersnow is sort of right, the magic is supposed to originate from both her front hoofs. And also, since lots of ponies seemed to think it was coming from her nether regions I changed it to this;


    57. Lol, looks like the Fun Police realized we were having too much fun using something that would under normal circumstances only be used for school purposes, (you know it's true) so they had to take down our writing.
      OHHHH NOOOOOOO!!!!! (laughs) Who in their right minds would want to stop teenagers from exercising their imagination, something we RARELY find any good reason to do ever??

    58. OK, looks like I'm going to need to get a FF.net account then, as my Fanfic is almost ready. Stupid horrible timing.

    59. Okay first of all, "Hoow could they doooo thisss?"

      Second, author of Twilight Sparkle: Mare Attorney here. Does anypony know whether or not separate colors are possible on Deviant Art or FF.net? Aside from the tedious html work on Deviant Art and the 2 day upload ban on FF.net, losing the color of the different types of text and thoughts are going to be a bit of a kill joy for my work.

    60. Sorry for the multiple posts, but I just tried to upload one of the chapters again, and not a second after uploading it, the document was taken down for review...What exactly is going on?!?

    61. My "Made in Neighpon" story, all three parts, was hit by this. Figures. The links for the story posts on deviantART are still working though, so I guess that works for now.

      Pretty sad fanfiction is being deleted due to "terms of violation" How so? You aren't making money off of anything. Just posting stories you created for something you like.

    62. Umm so lets say I wrote a rather disturbing fanfic (by disturbing, I mean "Cupcakes" disturbing), and I kinda wanna submit it. Does this mean I would not be able to send it via eMail? I'm a bit of a Newfag, but I just take LURK MOAR to a new level. Can anyone help me out? Feel free to make me feel stupid, as I'm sure its explained somewhere on this site.

    63. And this is why I hate google docs. First of all, TOS 4.3 says "As part of this continuing innovation, you acknowledge and agree that Google may stop (permanently or temporarily) providing the Services (or any features within the Services) to you or to users generally at Google’s sole discretion, without prior notice to you." or "You break this TOS when we feel like you broke it".
      They may bar you access and close your accounts whenever they feel like it. The privacy policy is the fact that you, the user, don't abuse their services, and bans are done on a person basis, rather then account basis. So if your story got banned, their TOS/DMCA pretty much says you your other account must be deleted as well. (oh yea, MST3kFan, that argument works on DMCA requests, not TOS violations).
      And off course they read your emails. You've given them a license to do so, and expect them to do it in order to filter out spam. Off course, this information is then used to give you googlised spam in return.

      And then there's the fact that there used to be great pony stories which I haven't yet read, which are thus now lost forever in the mysts of time. I'm gonna step up my game now and save fucking every pony story i read on google docs. If it wasn't for the sheer number of pony material, I would be in the process of deleting my account.

      Google's old mission statement was this – To do no evil, but it seems to be changed to "to organize the world‘s information and make it universally accessible and useful."

      Save universally still allows for discrimination between account holders and banned people. It doesn't say do no evil anymore. Many people tolerated some of googles more questionable moves because of that; even if it was only text.

      I know google owns blogger as well and thus by proxy everything on equestria daily. In that regard, i doubt whether posting stories here would protect against google, but it would mean there's a version in seths email.

      Oh wait,
      that's gmail. never mind