• MLP Licensing Expo 2012 Images from the Booth

    Remember way back a year ago when that brony thing was just a passing trend, and Hasbro didn't really see us as an important aspect of anything?   Times have definitely changed, that's for sure!  The Angry Otaku sent over these images Hasbro's two story licensing show booth, and they don't appear to be going for the typical little girl's TV that you would expect from a My little Pony show! In fact, Vinyl Scratch is front and center (Going by her non-stage name, I don't think they have done that before!), along with various "brony" labeled merchandise. 

    Hopefully this is a sign of things to come! I wouldn't mind more merch!

    (Also don't tell them I posted this, I'm supposed to be paying attention to the podcast livestream!)

    (More images after the break.)