• Twilight Sparkle Dress

    Seth tells me he has a 'Sent to Cereal' folder in his inbox, right above the 'I don't know what to do with this yet' folder. So I guess that tells you how much he thinks of me! Regardless, he asked for some comedy with this post, so you're all going to get some whether you like it or not. This comes to us from Atlur.

    I'm not against costumes, really. Far from it- when I was a little colt I used to have this Darth Vader outfit that was really just a thin piece of fabric with an injection-molded helmet and a little chest-piece box with some buttons and lights on it to simulate his respirator. I even had his lightsaber. Did I mention I've been a total nerd all my life? Well, now you know.

    My point is that I have nothing against this costume at all. I think it's quite adorable, even if it is just your standard princess outfit with Twilight's cutie mark on it. The only problem is the packaging. Click that and try to find the weird part. I'll wait.

    Yes, that does indeed say Twilight Sparkle Role Play. I'm sorry, but does that seem a tiny bit weird to anypony but me? Is it a mistake? Someone making a joke? I have no idea. All I can really think about at this point is Twilight wearing this Twilight dress. Would it cause some kind of explosion, or would she just act twice as nerdy? Actually, I don't think I would mind the second outcome. Nerdy, bookish Twilight would be the best pony to hang out with- just chilling at the library and reading stuff and playing board games and making lame nerdy jokes and having tea and cookies while the fire crackles and the rain outside spatters against the window. That's an afternoon I wouldn't mind wasting, and if you disagree, you're wrong.

    Anyway, the costume. 6/5 stars, would review again.

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