• Nightly Roundup #33

    I don't know what is going on in this image and I don't know why Trixie's leg is coming out of her torso but this is Trixie edition!


    On to the news!

    The OG BALLER Tinychat Channel

    Apparently the tinychat channels didn't all disappear!  This one is still alive and kickin. It apparently has been around for a huge amount of time too.  You can find it here

    Comics with Ponies!

    Looks like VG cats dropped another pony reference in the recent Duke Nukem comic.  It's a shame that game ended up being awful.  You can find that it here!

    Full Time Ink also dropped a very small pony reference in the 3rd panel of yesterday's comic.  It straight up references some of the awesome fics here. Preeety neat! 

    New iOS Game Influenced by Friendship is Magic 

    A new remake of the retro game Deflex is currently in development by the same group that created Space Giraffe and Gridrunner Revolution.  The creators are supposedly influenced by bronies, though I'm not really seeing it based on the screenshots.  Anyway, you can find the article here!  

    Top Flag Redesigns at Cracked.com

    Cracked recently did a top 22 flag redesigns contest thing, and amazingly enough the nazi one just happens to be...4 Twilight sparkles.  Why they chose a Nazi flag, I will never know.  But at least she has invaded yet another website.  You can find the page here

    Boingboing Reports on Story of the Blanks

    Do I even need to dig up that link again?  I'm pretty sure everyone that reads these knows about the game by now!

    Anyway, Boingboing totally has an article all about it.   You can find it here!

    Live Winter Wrap Up Karaoke

    A Manga/Anime event in Lisbon, Portugal recently had a surprise group of bronies pop up and start singing Winter Wrap Up (along with a few other songs!) Apparenty it all started with a single person, and slowly the hidden bronies in the audience sucked it up and joined in.  You guys should have been up there immediately! I'm disappointed! You can find the video here!

    72 Hour Video Game Marathon for Charity

    How is this pony?  No clue!  They sent it anyway and it is totally in my news folder!

    The people over at Extralives.org currently have a 72 hour marathon scheduled on Friday, July 15th.  They will be covering all sorts of old games, from awesome ones like Zelda and Mario Galaxy, to rock bottom garbage like Superman 64!  Hopefully they can get past the tutorial level on that one, because I remember it being neigh impossible.

    Their goal is to make $8,500, to donate to Freethechildren.com for a schoolhouse building project.

    If you are interested in joining in on the festivities, you can find more information over at their website

    Celestia Medium Redux Font Update v0.85 Released!

    More Updates! Included in this patch is a latin character set, and basic greek alphabet for people who are into physics.  You can find it the DA page here!

    MLP Activity Magazines in Argentina

    Apparently these things are all over the place in Buenos Aires.  Inside you willl find various things, such as character bios and a sheet of 50 stickers.  Pretty neat! 

    I wouldn't mind some pony stickers.

    Thanks to Jav for the images

    Letter to Hasbro's Marketing Division for Better Merch

    Over on Ponychan, they are once again sending poor Hasbro more letters about pony merchandise!  This one seems pretty in depth though.  If you are interested in inputting your 2 cents, or reading what they have so far, you can find it here!

    Pony Chat Live Podcast Episode 2!

    A while back I reported on the pilot Pony Chat Live episode.  Apparently you guys like it's so much, they decided to do more!  You can find it here!

    Season Two Spanish Subtitle Project

    These crazy bronies are already planning a subtitle group for Season Two.  If you are interested in helping out, and speak spanish, you can find the forum post for it here!

    Austrian Pony Website Hacked by Rainbow Dash Again! 

    Rainbow Dash apparently failed in her Wonderbolts tryouts, and had to default back to becoming a programmer.  She also has some sort of grudge against the Austrian Right Wing Political Party.  Crazy pony! 

    Equestria Daily News

    How the Archives Work
    Most of you probably have realized that the majority of this site is done manually.  The bottom recent posts section doesn't update automatically, and the stuff from that doesn't file away into the archives without me doing it.

    I sort everything into it once a day, usually after the nightly roundup.  I figure if you need something recent within 24 hours, you can just click page 2 :p

    As for the archives, I think the only one most of you use is fanfiction, so I'll explain it from that standpoint. When that bar hits ~25 fics, I dump all but 6 or so into the story archive.  This is when they are tagged with their permanent star ratings.

    I'm looking for an automated way to do this, but I don't think blogger is really capable of it sadly.  I do have access to HTML page, and Knighy from Fimfiction has added Jscript to it before, but for the most part its still really complicated.  Hopefully I'll figure something out eventually!  

    Twilight Sparkle

    Thats all for the news! Kind of short tonight.  Not that I'm complaining.

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