• Story: Poisoned Sugar (Update Complete!)

    [Crossover] I am running out of Dr. Whoof pictures to use. Here is another fic about him! Take note show people, time traveling ponies are apparently popular! 

    Author: LordOfTheWrongs
    Description: The Doctor is understandably upset when he mistakenly lands in Equestria, but he quickly realizes it isn't chance that brought him there. The universe is wounded, and Nightmare Moon was only the tip of the iceberg. A story in the style of a Doctor Who episode. Takes place between "The Runaway Bride" and "Smith and Jones", if you want to know.
    Poisoned Sugar Chapter 1
    Poisoned Sugar Chapter 2
    Poisoned Sugar Chapter 3
    Poisoned Sugar Chapter 4
    Poisoned Sugar Chapter 5 (New!) 
    Poisoned Sugar Non Canon Epilogue (New!)