• April Foals Writing/Drawing Competition!

    Entries can be found HERE!

    Now I know there has been some hatred for the very idea of a competition in any form in the past, but when actual rewards are available, there isn't really a choice!

    So what is this competition going to entail?

    --Rewards Updated March 5, 4:03 PM


    Writers: Write a story (At LEAST 800 words), about Equestria and April fools.  The category you choose (Grimdark/shipping/random/whatever) Doesn't matter, but the story must have something to do with April Fools.
    Please include Character tags, story type, description, and google docs/deviant art/fanfiction.net link in your email! 

    Artists: Draw something April Fools related with ponies. 

    After everything is submitted on MARCH 31ST BEFORE MIDNIGHT PST, I will hold a Day long voting poll (One for Drawings, the other for Stories).

    Unlike past events where everyone is a winner, this one will have actual prizes! 


    Art Winner:  UPDATED! A key for the YOUR CHOICE of Humble Indie Bundle, or Half Life 2 Episode 1+2. Second place gets the remaining.  (Thanks for RoyGbiv, and Incredible Halt for the donations!)

    Story Winner: A drawing of your choice from Madmax

    Remember, the deadline is MIDNIGHT ON MARCH 31ST.  Anything later than that will be disqualified!

    Email your Entries to [email protected].

    The actual event posting will start on APRIL 1ST, so don't freak out if you send it early and it's not up!

    Please note: This is NOT the friend-off, which will happen later in April, probably around the middle.

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here