• Welovefine Contest Winners Announced!

    That's a ton of ratings.  We really are an armada! The Welovefine My Little Pony Tee-shirt contest has officially ended, and the winners announced.  Overall, I'd say we got a pretty solid haul this time around!

    If you would like to take a gander at the winners, head on over to their victory page for synopsis and links to each.  I'm also tossing images and the press release of them all after the break for the lazy people out there.

    Over 1 Million Record-Setting Ratings Tallied to Determine Five Prize Winners & Five Honorable Mentions!
    Los Angeles, CA, 05/04/12 — Over ONE MILLION user-submitted ratings have been tallied, and it is with terrific pride that WeLoveFine.com announces the winners of our third My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic design contest! The five prize winners, as well as five excellent honorable mentions, have joined WeLoveFine's comprehensive and best-selling My Little Pony category as the latest hot designs for MLP fans to enjoy! They are the perfect summer apparel to keep the pony party goin' all summer long, until new episodes debut in the fall! All winning designs are available in both mens' and womens' t-shirts and retail for $25; select designs are also available as art prints, from $25 up. 
    WeLoveFine.com's My Little Pony Contest #3 launched in February, and even with the great success of the first two MLP contests on the site the response was overwhelming and the variety of designs truly epic!  Over 600 designs made the cut for the ratings period, and through the ensuing weeks into the end of April, hundreds of thousands of ratings from all over the world were tallied to narrow down this huge, impressive field of artwork to our ten winners. We are so pleased to have added yet another outstanding crop of contest-winning tees to our MLP collection, including not only our grand prize winner but the judges' prizes chosen by the one and only Lauren Faust, creator of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic; and Shaun Scotellaro (aka Sethisto), editor in chief of hugely popular fan-run news site Equestria Daily. Plus two runners-up and five honorable mentions, each one a fantastic addition to WeLoveFine's selection of pony apparel!

    These shirts are now listed in WeLoveFine's My Little Pony category, which includes dozens of designs featuring the beloved characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, from the original "Mane Six" to fan favorites such as Trixie, Doctor Whooves and Chrysalis! The entire My Little Pony collection can be accessed at the following URL: http://www.welovefine.com/41-my-little-pony
    This contest announcement coincides with the My Little Pony Project 2012 Los Angeles, a month-long event that kicks off tomorrow, May 5th: For more information, see WeLoveFine's event page HERE: http://www.welovefine.com/content/14-my-little-pony-project-2012
    Without further ado, here are our My Little Pony Contest #3 WINNERS!:

    GRAND PRIZE WINNER ($2,500 cash prize pool award):
    "Sweet Apple Cider" by Benjamin Christensen
    JUDGE'S PRIZE (Lauren Faust) ($400 cash):
    "Lost in Everfree" by Erik Omega

    JUDGE'S PRIZE (Shaun Scotellaro) ($400 cash):
    "Oops, My Bad" by Vincente Basilio

    RUNNER-UP ($150 WeLoveFIne.com gift certificate):
    "Pony Totem" by Hannah De Spon

    RUNNER-UP ($150 WeLoveFIne.com gift certificate):
    "Graffiti PON-3" by Angela Thompson

    HONORABLE MENTIONS ($50 WeLoveFine.com gift certificate):

    "Luna Dreams" by Karl Hauber
    "Ph.D in Adorableness" by David Sisk
    "Luna's Nightmare" by Melanie Herring
    "Apple Gets Apples" by Angela Thompson
    "Of Loyalty" by Derek McElroy

    Images of these designs on mens' shirts is attached. If you require images of the womens' shirts or art prints for your coverage, or any additional information or photos of product, Contact: Nicole Campos, [email protected]mightyfineinc.com(323) 370-9134

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