• Nightly Roundup #309

    GO FAST edition. Check out all the news that's fit to print under the break.

    Pony Spotted in the New York Times

    We're TAKING OVER THE WORLD. Link here.

    Twilight Sparkle Bumper Sticker

    I'd use it if I wasn't afraid of ruining my bumper forever

    Cakes 2: The Cakening

    so many cakes.

    Pony Reference in Terra Monsters

    D'aww, just look at it. Totally worth 1,000... uh, crystal eggs?

    Creator of Gargoyles Mentions Ponies

    I never really saw Gargoyles, but people tell me it was good. Check it out here, last question.

    Successful Meetups

     Western Michigan

    This was the 3rd successful meetup of the Western Michigan Bronies! This meetup was centered around a potluck picnic at the local park and also a modest food drive. A total of 47 was in attendance beating our last meetup record! We also managed to gather 6 banana boxes worth of food items ( a total of 120lbs) which was donated to the West Michigan Food bank at Feeding America! Huzzah! We are always open to new members and would love to have you with us! We are a very fun loving group and try to have meetups on a monthly basis. If would like to join please join up here via Facebook (sorry if you don't use, its just a useful service)  https://www.facebook.com/groups/Westmibronies/ and if you don't use Facebook you can also keep track of important staff updates at this page:https://www.facebook.com/WesternMichiganBronies. If you none of these work for you but want to be kept in the know, please PM PilsnerPony (me) at the Michigan Bronies forum (WMB is not affiliated or maintains the forum) http://www.michiganbronies.org/smf/index.php. or comment on the thread containing the event info.
    Warsaw, Poland

    So, we had big meetup in Poland last saturday (28 April). There were 115 Bronies there. It's new polish record! Maybe even european? I dunno.
    I don't know what elese to write... We've met in rent classrooms in Bednarska highschool. We spend there about 7 hours. Check out the facebook here!

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

     Some of us Indiana bronies on PonySquare are planning a meet-up.  It's going to be *THIS SUNDAY* (May 6) from Noon - 6 p.m. at Circle Centre Mall in Indianapolis, IN 46204 (mall closes at 6 p.m.).  We're still planning what to do, but perhaps lunch, shopping, and all-around pony chat.  Come join Indiana Bronies on PonySquare for more info :-)

    We'll be having a meet-up on the 2nd of June at the Botanic Gardens. Like other meet-ups, bring some food and/or drink if you want and we'll have a great time! Since it is in June and the weather is often less than nice there'll be an alternative meeting point. If it is scheduled to rain we'll meet at the Rundle Mall food court. I've also been asked to notify people that there'll probably be another auction as well so bring your wallets if you want to lay your hands on some beautiful little custom figurines! If it isn't a wet day we'll meet up outside the gardens (the gate on North Terrace) like normal at 11 and be there until 11:30 or so at which point we'll move into the gardens. As usual there'll be an opportunity to go up to Rundle to raid the stores, who knows, they might have different stuff by the 2nd of June!

    Event Page
    Battlefield 3 Platoon

    I created a Battlefield 3 Brony Platoon for the PC cause most of the Brony Platoons i found are for X-Box or PS3 only. Every Brony is welcome.http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/de/platoon/2832655391615635957/ 

    Merch/Ebay Stuff

    Changeling Sculpture
    Rainbow Dash Pillow