• Pre-Readers Q&Neigh

    Hi there, avid readers of Equestria Daily! Tis Midnight here once more with an offer you can't refuse! The pre-readers have been batting the idea around, behind the scenes, of doing a Q&Neigh of our very own. Well, the time has come to git'r'done.

    So, what do we need from you? It's quite simple! We'd like to have your questions, comments or suggestions about Equestria Daily, the fandom, the show itself, and also pre-reading or the process that goes into it.

    Put them in the comments or send them to [email protected] and we may feature them in the show.

    We'd like to make it a semi-regular thing if there's an audience for it!

    We'll be recording on Skype, but a number of us have livestreams, so there's the possibility of it being turned into a live show at some point in the future.

    /Midnight out.