• (Important) Fanfiction Submission Changes!

    Greetings, everyone! Pre-readers here, announcing a few changes that are being implemented to improve the pre-reading and story submission systems.

    First off, we have made it easier to submit your fanfics to us. Instead of sending fic submissions to the submit address, you can now fill out this handy-dandy submission form! Just fill in the correct boxes and hit the submit button and we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll get a confirmation e-mail containing the same information that was sent to us.

    NOTE: Updates to existing EQD stories should still be sent to [email protected], with a link to the story on EQD, a chapter number, and a link to the actual chapter.  Title the email with STORY UPDATE

    Secondly, we’ve updated our submission guidelines. None of this is anything new, but we’ve put it together in a way that should be easier to read and understand. You can find the new guidelines on the submission page here.

    Thirdly, it’s summer! You know what that means? More fanfiction! A lot more fanfiction, actually. So much fanfiction that our “To Be Posted” queue is getting a little backed up. It may take a bit longer for accepted stories to be posted at this rate. Similarly, pre-reading may also take a bit longer.

    So, tl,dr:
    Submit fics using the submission form.
    Continue sending story updates to [email protected]
    Fanfic submission guidelines have been updated.
    Longer wait time for pre-reading/accepted stories.
    Updated localization files.
    That’s all for now! We’ll do our best to answer any questions in the comments of this post, or the Ask An Equestria Daily Pre-Reader Anything Thread on /fic/.

    Looking forward to reading your work,

    The EqD Pre-Readers

    NOTE 2: If you have submitted a fanfic in the past day and haven't received a "To the Pre-readers!", use the submit form and resubmit it.