• Pound Puppies Season 2 Episode 10 Apparently Pony Filled!

    They may not have the rabid fanbase Friendship is Magic has, but that doesn't mean they can't pony it up every once in a while!  Multiple people have reported that the recent episode had a pretty big shoutout to us - namely the entire episode.  This doesn't mean Pinkie Pie popped and threw a party with Lucky up there, but I think the summary provided by Micheal Russell from Vicki Fox gives a good idea of it! Head on down past the break to check it out, or go watch it yourself next time its on The Hub!

    Via Micheal:
    The second half resolves the situation. The Puppies discover the landowner’s daughter likes ponies and she’s been invited to join the “Pony Sisters Club”. The Puppies see inside her apartment and see every inch of wall and table filled with colorful pony figures, artwork, etc. Eventually, the Puppies arrange for the pups to meet the children at one girl’s pony ranch and for the landowner to arrive, too. Turns out the father, the landowner was the pony lover and all the colorful pony stuff in the apartment was his. He was a member of the “Pony Boys Club” and wanted his daughter to be in the “Pony Sisters Club”.

    There were a number of references that could be interpreted as MLP:FiM pokes:
    -          The reference to “Pony Boys Club”
    -          Using the phrase “ponylicious”
    -          Talking about how “pretty ponies are magic”
    -          Many more …
    This has since been confirmed by The Hub, with more on the way!