• More Transluscent Ponies on Taobao + a Bit more Crystal Empire

    The potentially upcoming blindbag set has expanded once again! We have a few new translucent ponies that appear to be  what we could come to expect from it.  Pinkie Pie and two others are completely new, and we have a few shots of the others that appeared a while back.

    No word on when/if this set will be hitting the retail stores.  We will keep an eye out as always though!

    We also have some Crystal Empire Fluttershy, with another new drop of Crystal Empire info on the box.  Head on past the break for that blurb if you want to avoid spoilers. 

    Thanks to Whatshisgame for the in-depth analyseees

    BREAKING NEWS: Crystal Empire ponies are shy!
    “Fluttershy has a tea party to make friends with the Crystal Empire poniesthey seem just as shy as her!”
    Obviously this means Fluttershy is secretly an agent from the Crystal Empire bent on the destruction of all of Equestria via ridiculous cuteness.