• Story: Five's Company

    [Normal][Comedy][Shipping] Love HEXAGON, that's right. We don't deal in triangles here at Equestria Daily folks.  And is this an excuse to use the image from last night again?! I think so!

    Also have some pre-reader quotes for lulz.
    "holy shit post it seth PLEASE"-Pre-reader #2
    "Seth, Post this, or I will be forced to come and get you..."-Pre-reader #15
    "Post it. For the love of all that is pony. Post it!" -Pre-reader #12

    Author: Yanmato
    Description: Each of Rainbow Dash's best friends have finally decided to express their true feelings for her. Unfortunately, they've all decided on the same day. Even worse- they discover too late that Rainbow Dash is the only mamber of the Mane 6 who's actually straight!
    Five's Company

    Additional Tags: One-way love hexagon: hilarity ensues.

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