• Pony Lunchbag

    More pony merch has popped up! This time straight from Zellers, a store found only in Canada.

    Now you may be wondering.."But Seth, why would I need a pony lunchbag?"

    That's easy. 

    Say you are a college student, with long drives to and from your classes each day.  You are already spending a fortune on gas.  It's time to start saving money!   Let ponies guard your custom made peanut butter sandwich.  Don't blow it at Samurai Sams, or on those ridiculously overpriced bagels at Starbucks.  You need that money for the inevitable brony centric toy line that Hasbro hopefully releases in the near future!

    Or perhaps you are a global business executive on a trip to the far east?  Maybe Japanese cuisine just isn't your thing?  Sure, they have Mcdonalds down there, but they aren't carrying ponies right now, so why bother?  Trust our favorite little pastel equines with your left over New York style pizza from last night!  I garuntee these girls will keep it mold free for at least the entire plane ride.  (Though you might want to take a few bites on the way over, around the edges)

    At a mere $9.99, this expertly constructed food storage device (powered by Equestrian Innovations FreezeClop® technology)  is guaranteed to keep your food in tip top condition, and save you a huge amount of cash at the same time.

    Lunch bags are the future, and Friendship is Magic is here to be your guiding hoof. 

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