• Nightly Roundup #31


    Seriously, I'm completely stumped.

    On with the news, where I break every journalistic rule on the planet.  

    Forbidden Planet Stocks Ponies

    A store over in New York that usually specializes in Geek culture merchandise has started stocking Friendship is magic stuff! Looks like we are creeping even further into the mainstream. Forbidden Planet is known for following all sorts of nerdy trends, be it Star Wars or Doctor Who. The fact that My Little Pony is worthy of cultural status outside of Know Your Meme is pretty huge.

    Ponies in EGS

    Actually, this page looks familiar! I think ponies already have popped up here previously.  But regardless , Egscomics has dropped a pony tattoo on to one of their characters. You can find the page here!

    Celestia Medium Redux .5 Font Released

    Not much to say here! Another version of Celestia Medium has been released. You can find the link for it here!

    Dungeons and Dragons Pony Analysis

    A blog called Lurking Rhythmically is currently digging in to each of the mane six and assigning them dungeons and dragons classes based upon their different personality types. If anything, it's a fun read. You can find it all here!

    German League of Legends Pony Clan

    Another brony clan is looking for more! this time straight from Germany. You can find their hang out in this thread!

    Singapore Releases McDonalds Ponies

    Looks like Singapore is being invaded by the surprisingly awesome Mcdonalds toys that all of us over in the states were clamoring for a few months ago. Good luck guys! You can find guides buried in that search box somewhere!

    More Ask X Pony Blogs!

    Apparently there are a few more blogs out there dedicated to the questions and art thing! You can find them listed below!

    Big Mac

    Twilight Sparkle

    Blind Bag Boxes Come with One of Each Pony

    Apparently the actual boxes for the blind bag ponies don't come mixed like traditional "blind" style collectables (Trading cards, pogs, ect). Each box comes with exactly 1 of each of the 24 ponies. I guess this could be useful for you collectors out there!

     You can also find the fronts/backs of  the cards included with every single character here!

    Another MTG Pony Set

    >Sacrifice the Great and Powerful Trixie

    Yah, like that's gonna happen. 

    There are some pretty cool cards in the set, but the best character of all sure did get shafted!

    You can find all of them here!

    Over 9000 Pony Images on Know Your Meme

    Sounds like my pony folder... hell the number of images uploaded to this site alone has already broken 8k.   You ponies and your drawing! Madness I say! There was a pretty massive boost thanks to the training grounds though.

    Official Pony Fair 

    Tomorrow is the day of the official My Little Pony Fair at the Hasbro Headquarters in (on? Its a state, does it cheat?! I dunno!) Rhode Island.   Apparently there are a whole bunch of bronies attending this one.  I know three personally who were on their way over there today.  Hopefully you guys can dig up some neat news for me to post!

    Team Fortress Two Ponyville Map Updated

    Apparently I was sent the wrong version for that Team Fortress Two map earlier in the day.  The new link can be found in the thread here

    Also a new video! 

    Equestria Daily News

    The Newly named Q&Neigh earlier was pretty ridiculously successful! Almost too much so.  I wasn't ready for that, at all.

    Next time I'll have a template ready to drop things into.  Sorry about the chaos of it.  Either Cereal or Phoe are up to bat for the next one.  I haven't seen Tek on in a few days, so no telling when he will do one!  He does that though, crazy Tek.  I thought he died last time! Pretty scary!

    And that's it for the news! Hope everyone enjoys the ridiculously cute ponies blushing image after last night's DEMONSHY fiasco.