• Big Apple Farm (Sweet Apple Acres?) Used to be in Fillysire

    The My Little Pony Facebook page is sometimes a bit off, unless they are talking about the older gen stuff.  Apparently Sweet Apple Acres (Or Big Apple Farm?) was once Big Apple Orchard, and didn't reside in Ponyville at all.  But that is the boring news, see, here on EQD, we theorize in the ridiculous degree!

    We now have a city called Fillysire, which sounds like something from Lord of the Rings!  We do know some things from Equestria were borrowed from the Tolkien universe (Canterlot for example borrows from Minas Tirith), so I am kind of intrigued!  Were there hobbits in Fillysire?  Did they have those neat hill houses?  Was Scootaloo originally intended to have fuzzy feet and a drinking problem?! The world may never know!

    The original tweet, as well as the comments, can be found at the MLP Facebook page.

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