• Instrumental Music: Twilight's Curiosity / Dream Cycles / No Words / Pony Piano and Jazz / On the Rock Farm

    So much good instrumental music today!   I've been listening to a few of these on repeat for the past few hours.

    Genres are next to their respective songs.  And if you guys send these, please try to tag your youtube videos with a genre! It's pretty difficult to tell the difference between the 300 different types of electronic music. 

    1.) Twilight's Curiosity - Original MLP Music by MandoPony (Orchestral/Classical)
    2.) Dream Cycles (Electronic)
    3.) Replacer - No Words (Funk? You guys should tag your Youtube stuff with genres!)
    4.) Pony Piano and Jazz - Prelude to the Groove - Octavia n' Scratch (Jazz/Funk - Plays out like a music battle, so listen in later on for it!)
    5.) On the Rock Farm (Acoustic)

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