• Random Merch Update: Belts, Books, Singing Pinkie Pie, and Easter Sydney Pony Package

    We have a bunch of small merch items popping up once again.  They are definitely taking advantage of the popularity this time around.

    First off,  a full pony package popping up at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.   It looks like some older gen stuff is mixed in, but I haven't seen that Celestia vector yet.  The site does mention that the set is not guaranteed to carry specifically what you see above, so hopefully any of you that buy this thing don't end up with a pile of 3.5 ponies!  Thanks to E C for pointing that one out.

    And in second place, a few new belts have popped up at FYE.  One is a bit similar to the Hot Topic one, but the Pinkie Pie is definitely new.  Each one costs 20 bucks a pop, and are only available in one size, so you may need to cut them down a bit if they are too big for you.  Thanks to Dreaming Dusk for the image!

    And to go with your talking Twilight Sparkle plushies, we have a Pinkie Pie. Apparently it's pretty old, but I never reported on it.  If you are curious about her voice over work, you can find it here. It's definitely not the show voice.  This specific Pinkie Pie was found at Smyths in England, but it sounds like they are available in several locations throughout the world now. Thanks to Jack for that image.

    And finally, more books, because Twilight Sparkle says you people need to read more. These were found at Micheals.  Thanks to Nathan for those!

    Have a surprise after the break.