• Amy Keating Rogers Needs Your Help!

    As many of you probably know by now from her huge Derpy Hooves rumor dispelling spree, Amy Keating Rogers is a one of our beloved writers over at the Friendship is Magic Team.  She has created some of our favorite episodes, including The Last Roundup.

    On her off time she created a documentary about an absolutely crazy occurrence from her life in an attempt to raise funds for her handicapped son, Soren, who suffers from a rare disease called Infantile Spasms.  You may remember Soren actually! A while back, we had a donation drive going to help raise money for the poor kid.  Unfortunately it was shut down prematurely due to some issues with Paypal.  

    So time to move on to the next best thing! The ever-present evil copyright monsters are holding back her documentary due to a few of the scenes borrowing from actual shows and animation.  Have a quote from Amy herself after the break that explains it in a bit more detail, as well as a clip from the documentary!
    As for my movie, I really wish you could show it. Everyone who sees it loves it!

    However, you’re right. It’s not for sale. The reason for this is that, in my editing, I pulled images from the internet to help tell parts of the story. For instance, I did a recap of Jason’s career showing stills from movies and shows he’s worked on. I also did a little recap on my career as well, doing the same thing as I spoke the voice over.

    The problem is, I do not have clearance to use these images, and it is VERY costly and complicated! I tried to get the film picked up for distribution. That way they could pay for the clearances. However, anyone that picks up a film and puts money in it wants to make sure that they not only make their money back but also make a profit. And while everyone really enjoys my cute, sweet film, it’s really a “niche” market and getting back their investment isn’t a guarantee.

    So, I’ve only gotten to have a few small screenings for friends. I fear it will always just be a project I did for the experience that the masses will never see.

    I hoped that more folks would see my trailer/music video on YouTube, but even that’s only gotten about 1,200 hits. That’s a song that I actually wrote both the music and lyrics for! Feel free to tell people about it! - Amy Keating Rogers (Source: DHN)
    So... Lawyers.  I know we have a few of you pony obsessed legal fiends out there.  Get on it!

    And as promised, the video.  This is better than most Youtube musicians! 

    Oh god it syncs perfectly