• Story: Mommy Nearest + Alicorn (Update Story 2 Chapter 3!)

    [Normal] This is a blast from the past right here!  I bet most of you haven't even touched part one yet!

    Author: Fairy Slayer
    Description: "After she suddenly falls from the sky Rainbow Dash is in constant excruciating pain. Though her friends' efforts to cure her fail, the answer to her problem is found in a long-kept and momentous secret."
    Mommy Nearest

    Additional Tags: Like these existed back then!  

    [Normal] Part 2

    Author: Aldea Donder (Email)
    Description: Life is full of changes, none of them quite as disturbing as having a horn pop out of your skull. Look out Equestria, there’s a new alicorn on the block, and she’s about 20% cooler than the rest!
    Alicorn Prologue: Morning
    Alicorn Chapter 1: New Beginning
    Alicorn Chapter 2: Dashed Expectations
    Alicorn Chapter 3: The Shadow Risen (New!)

    Additional Tags: Alicorn, Family, Princess Rainbow Dash