• Nightly Roundup #116

    I wonder if Firesparkle/Rapidashle/whatever will be making a repeat appearance in season two?

    Anyway, have some news. 

    Groups/Guilds/Meetups Looking for More!

    Chihuahua, Mexico

    Winterfest 2011 (may change)

    November 12 and 13 (may change)


    Denmark, Odense

    Saturday October 8



    Huntington WV

    October 7-9


    Community Fandub Project

    Yet another project is looking for voice actors, this time around is a simple fan dub of Ticket Master. Signups will open on October 26th. If you are interested in lending your vocal abilities, hit up the ponychan thread for more information.

    Rarity Cake!

    I don't think we have had a Rarity cake yet.

    Equestria Tales Seeking GUI Artists/Musicians/Sound People

    Have some copy paste!

    First, I’m looking for music for the game, so if you have some skills
    and want make music for EqT:EoC please write to me. And eventually
    I’ll need somebody who wants take care of Music and Sounds in the game
    (Music and Sound manager?).

    Second, I’m looking for 2D graphic artist who wants join the team. The
    tasks of such a person would create a GUI, skills icons,
    illustrations, etc. Such a person would also have real influence on
    the game.

    In both the above cases please write an email with sample of your
    works ( [email protected] ).

    A new contest has begun!

    This time for people with writing skills. What's the task? Write a
    mission scenario with one of the following ponies: Trixie, Derpy
    Hooves, Octavia or Bon-Bon and Lyra. Note, that these ponies are
    NPC’s, so they can delegate the mission and take part in it but you
    can’t control them as players. Other background ponies also can appear
    (or even OC), but the main role must play one of the mentioned ponies.
    Time limit is November 20th. The reward this time is little higher -
    in addition to the beta key the author of the best work will also
    receive an invitation to team as Lead Writer. Of course other authors
    may also gain a beta key.
    More info on http://byrpheros.pl

    Thanks in advance, Byrpheros.

    Successful Meetups

    Group Page

    Anime Weekend Atlanta

    Album / Youtube Video
    Saboten Con

    Hey everypony! Puzzle Plate here with my adventure at a convention in
    the Valley of the sun! SabotenCon is Arizona's biggest anime
    convention and even at a Japanese influenced conventions like this one
    there is always room for pony. I have a album here of all the pony
    gijinka's (personifications) I saw for you guys to look at!


    Pony Glossary #3! 

    For those looking for a bit more depth in their pony glossarydom, a new one has popped up.  Each section is pretty much a full paragraph.  Check it out here!

    115 Song Pony Music Playlist on Youtube

    I actually talked to someone at BroNYCon who had over 600 pony songs on his ipod.  I didn't even think that was possible.

    These guys have dropped 115 for you to all dig through though. Check out out here!

    So You Think Your A Brony? Episode 7

    Another week, another episode.

    Another MLP Forum

    For those looking to start over... again, another forum has popped up! Check it out here!

    My Little Pony App #1 In itunes Store

    I might have to go pick up an ipad at this rate... I really want this app.  Hopefully it heads over to Android soon. 

    Target Clearance Stuff

    Over at Target, the molded five pack that includes Celestia, Twilight, Spike, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie, are currently on clearance for $12.80.  Apparently if you use the 20% Off Canterlot coupon from the MLP Facebook page, they can drop it even more.  Custom artists might want to take advantage of this.

    9.5 Hours of HD Pony in One Video

    If you have a marathon planned in the future, you might want to check this out!

    Merch/Ebay Stuff

    Rainbow Dash Oil Painting 

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here