• 1,000,000 Hits Zomg!

    Woah, that's like... 10, 100,000's or something!  I honestly would have quit this months ago if the feedback wasn't so great here.  Thanks for kicking ass bronies! I had another image from Cereal Velocity for the main thing...but I didn't want to blind those of you who are offended by it, so you can find it after the page break if you are really curious!

    I don't think this is a blog anymore.  In fact I think it stopped just being a "blog" within about a week.  This is more of a fanfiction/video/comic/drawfriend archive with a blog on the side.  I'm not even sure what it officially classifies as, but I like it.

    Community Content
    My original plan was to just post stuff I liked, and I thought for sure it would bomb in a day or two.  You guys changed that outlook quick!  The topic may be addicting as hell, but not even ponies could spur me to do something for this long with so many hours thrown in without an awesome community backing it. 

    One thing I realized within a week of this site was that I didn't want to become a supreme dictator asshole who controls everything, and I've had some rough patches here (mainly yesterday with the m/m fiasco).

    If I do/say something completely ridiculous, or my sarcasm comes off as harsh, please don't take it personally.  I have always had issues with mindlessly blurting stuff out without thinking of the consequences. 

    With that being said, feel free to send feedback/fixes/stuff through email.   Remember, everything I submit is stuff that you guys have done (minus news).  These are "your posts", I'm just here keeping it organized. If something is out of whack, email me and I'll fix it! 

    I really need a ring tone of that from Winter Wrap Up... This part is primarily going to be about fanfics, since that's the main item that is organized daily.

    The Star Tags were rocky, but honestly I think they are starting to shape up.  I don't find myself dropping ten 5 star stories into the archive every time now, and stuff that is generally unfavorable tends to receive lower ratings.  A lot of the content is just genuinely...good.  This community has some awesome writers, even if Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy HAVE been shipped 10 times in the last 2 weeks.

    There are, of course, two places to find stories.  My archive, and Fairy Slayer's Sortable Archive.  So if you absolutely hate my massive web 1.0 color coded list, check his 2.0 version out! Hopefully between the 2, everything stays easy to browse.

    It's fun!

    They are cute!

    I hit that 5 paragraphs ago!

    Anyway thanks for being awesome and putting up with my nonsense!  Hopefully I haven't scared too many people off with my shenanigans.   This website would be absolutely nothing without you guys constantly sending me content, so thanks for that! I may complain about it on /co/ every once in a while, but having an email box with 50 things to sort through is usually a good thing!

     And the "Real" 1 million hits image, Oh the drama it would have caused... I still feel like I'm missing out some!