• Cosplay Compilation #60

    It was nice to see the return of Photo Finish, at least in the EG short. This cosplayer right here has a Trixie tag too, so DOUBLE WIN!

    Get your cosplay compilation below!

    [1] Source

    Photo Finish Cosplay BronyCon 2015 #2 by ponies-of-insanity

    [2] Source

    Maud Pie by Aster-Hime

    [3] Source

    Bronycon 2015 - Queen Chrysalis by XenPhotos

    [4] Source

    Timber Wolves by BrinyCosplay

    [5] Source

    Nightmare Night by shelbeanie

    [6] Source

    Steampunk Applejack by Smerkalot

    [7] Source

    Villans unite by BrinyCosplay

    [8] Source

    my little pony - equestria girls by BellaHime

    [9] Source

    MINE! by BrinyCosplay

    [10] Source

    Tree Hugger by BrinyCosplay

    [11] Source

    The Dazzlings by BrinyCosplay

    [12] Source

    Radiance by BrinyCosplay

    [13] Source

    Radiance Cosplay 2 (MLP:FiM) -BronyCon 2015- by BronyBoomOp

    [14] Source

    Rarity at the Gala by BrinyCosplay

    [15] Source

    Trixie @ Collectormania #4 by LezliDax

    [16] Source

    Rainbow Factory by BrinyCosplay

    [17] Source

    For I am Princess Celestia by Mikanchan

    [18] Source

    Las Vegas Show Pony Rainbow Dash by CosplayHazard

    [19] Source

    by lady-ava-cosplay

    [20] Source

    Cute Spitfire by Dixidana

    [21] Source

    AX2014 17 MLP-FIM Sombra by TheDARKWOLF

    [22] Source

    Come to the Gala by Lewyko

    [23] Source

    Princess Celestia. My little pony. Humanization by Fox-Tsai-Sheng

    [24] Source

    Princess Twilight Sparkle Cosplayer at Renfair by GrandBronyGala

    [25] Source

    Rainbow Dash Gala Dress Cosplay by PaperDollyCosplay

    [26] Source

    Fluttershy - 'MLP:FiM Cosplay' [6] by Springtrap-97

    [27] Source

    Sword Art Online/My Little Pony Crossover Cosplay3 by BronyBoomOp

    [28] Source

    Fluttershy by BellaHime

    [29] Source

    AppleJack and FlutterShy by Laura-Row

    [30] Source

    Sneaking by TheWolffi

    [31] Source

    Queen of the Changelings by residentexorcist

    [32] Source

    Trixie by YumiNeru

    [33] Source

    Princess Celestia by Fujin777

    [34] Source

    Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy Gala by Broccoli-ice-cream

    [35] Source

    More power! by AkinaGasai

    [36] Source

    Smartypants is love by BrinyCosplay

    [37] Source

    'Giggle at the Ghosties' Pinkie Pie by WhiteBoyGus