• Meetup Map Update - US Takeover Almost Complete!

    Back when the meetup map was launched in 2013 I was wondering how many people would actually use the thing. Over the past two years though I can say it has been a resounding success with meetup groups sending in their info from every continent on Earth (except Antarctica) and now we're on the verge of another milestone: a meetup group in every US State represented on our map!

    Today I was able to cross Delaware off the list of States left to ponify, leaving Vermont as the last State on the map without a pin. While I'm sure there are groups in Vermont out there we haven't received any emails from them since the map went up, so if there are any Vermont bronies out there, please let us know of your meetup groups!

    But besides this being an update about the imminent US takeover, this is a general reminder to those of you new to the site that we do indeed have a meetup map! So check on after the break to see if there is a group near you.

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