• Equestria Model Contest - Submissions and Winners!

    (First Place Winner)
    The results are in and judges have finished their voting! The Equestria Model Contest was provabably the most complicated one we have done so far, and it shows.  There weren't a huge amount of entries, but we got some epic ones out of it.  Head on past the break for the top 5 winners of the Royal Wedding DVD from Shout Factory, as well as all the others that entered!

    (Note: Numbers are not rankings, check the winner tags)

    1 Twilight Sparkle's House - xX2WolfFeather1Xx

    So for my material of choice in this contest I chose to work with cardboard to build Twilight Sparkle's library house. (which was painted over afterwords with acrylic) I had a lot fun making it despite the challenges I faced with using said material. Overall, I like how it turned out. :3
    3 The Ponyville Library - Calvin W

    The Ponyville Library represented in Lego bricks! See the page URL link (Flickr) for more pictures, including the interior. If you need more direct links to pictures, they can be found here: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=509429 Thanks for the awesome contest!!
    4 Rainbow Dash's house - Karalynn Rowley

    The detail shot is here: http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2012/220/3/f/rainbows_house__detail_by_mistylake-d5adznm.jpg and I used this ref: http://images.wikia.com/twitterponies/images/5/5c/Rainbow_Dash_home_s1e25.png
    5 Sweet Apple Acres barn - Philippe Thomas Corneau
    It's one of the cleanest models here.  The artist did a great job with those Popsicle sticks! 
    Winner: One Royal Canterlot Wedding DVD

    Hello there! Here is my submission to the equestrian model contest: The Sweet Apple Acres barn. As you can see, the barn is entirely made of popsickle sticks, styrofoam and cardboard. This model took me about a week to conceive, build and paint and I'm really proud of the results. Actually, it was the first time I used popsickle sticks to create a model so there might be some structural problem. On the other side, I couldn't use other material than wood to build a barn, especially this one. The barn is about 2' by 1' 7'' and is 1' 9'' high. I must have used about 970 sticks and 40 hot glue sticks (yes, i counted duriing the process) This is also the first time I submit something into the brony comunity so I can finally consider myself as one. So HI! I think everything as been said. So I hope you'll enjoy my work and my competior's projects. Thank you
    6 Rainbow Dash's House - Tess

    Made with oatmeal cans, hot glue, colored pencils, paint, foam core, cotton batting, wood, and tape. Lemon Hearts blind bag pony to show size.
    7 Lost Temple by ~CM~ (#2 tall shot) - ~CM~

    Can Daring Do hope to survive to the dangers of the long lost card board temple? Materials used - cardboard (ALL of the cardboard), box tape, brown colored pencil, wood moulding, glue, wire mesh, brown bag paper mache, red glass, red Christmas lights, 9 volt battery, 9v battery plug from radio shack, paper clay, brown + black paint, matte coat, twist ties
    8 Paper Ponyville - Daniel Willis
    All those buildings must have taken a while to do!
    Winner: One Royal Canterlot Wedding DVD + Bonus Friendship Express DVD

    I don't know much about ice sculpting and sugar cubes, but I do know about paper models, first time I've ever designed them myself, ponies always get me to try new things.
    9 K'nex Boutique - Brandon "Sketchin' Etch" Thompson

    Rarity's Carousel Boutique made entirely out of K'nex.
    10 Appleloosa - TravisWar
    Braeburn would be proud!
    Winner: One Royal Canterlot Wedding DVD + Bonus Friendship Express DVD

    nice challenge never did anything like this before :D
    12 Zacora's Hut - James Roberts
    Holy Twilight Sparkle them details.  This thing is nuts.

    Winner: One Royal Canterlot Wedding DVD + Bonus Friendship Express DVD

    13 Rainbow Dash's Cloud House - Alice Chang
    We fought about which cloud house should win for a while, in the end this one came out on top.  Tough choice!
    Winner: One Royal Canterlot Wedding DVD + Bonus Friendship Express DVD

    14 Blind Bag Pony Playset One [BBPP-1] - Hazmat and Decon

    Pictured is the final version of the Blind Bag Pony Playset One. The land marks shown is the Apple Family's Cider Stand, set up and ready for business. As you can see from the build materials list below this is an entry for the Ect build materials category. All parts of which are 3D printed on a Makerbot Replicator except the black apple stands, which are bent metal wire; and the foliage of the trees, which is made of sponges. At the end of the 3D design contest the print files will be made available to the community at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:21034 . Material Used: ABS Plastic Rebar Tie Wire Solder Sponge Paint (Spray, Acrylic, and Enamel) For more information on the project please take a look at the Page URL.
    15 Celestia's Sun Altar - Hazmat and Decon

    This is my entry number 2 for the 3D Design Contest. Picture is Celestia's Sun Altar from the first part of Twilight's part of The Cutie Mark Chronicles. It is made with ABS plastic and Painted with Enamel paint. It stands just over 11.5 cm tall and 10 cm wide.
    16 Fluttershy's cottage - Nikolai Azure

    I would like to consider the other photos in the folder as part of the entry as well, most particularly the interior view. Its done with clay, acrylics, and mossy...moss. It stands 24 cm high and is "blindbag" sized. Also would just like to say, this contest was a whole lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to the next!
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