• Random Merch: Stickers, Books, Shirts and More!

    Let the flow of pony merch continue with another edition of random merch! If the above is any indication, it looks like ponies are sneaking into healthcare offices. What kid wouldn't feel happy after a checkup if they got to sport one of these stickers? Thanks for sending these in Racall!

    Check after the break for some more random merchandise!

    Welovefine has recently released some new shirts which you can check out above! I'm always impressed at the designs you guys come with for shirts. I'm especially liking the Rose Window design one! The new shirts that are available include: Pinkamena, Fancy Pants, Alicorns, and the Rose Window design.

    Looks like Australia is getting some more pony love. The poster above was found at a local Kmart in the land down under for $12 AUD! If you're interested, you can check out more information on the poster here. Currently they only ship internationally to New Zealand and Singapore. Thanks for the information Nathan!

    Finally, we have this pony sound book that popped up in Lidil UK recently! Going for only £3.99 it sounds like a great buy if you are a collector or need a gift for a younger pony fan. I know I certainly liked these little books when I was a kid. Thanks for the heads up Amy!

    That's about it for the day. If you run into random pony merch in your country of residence and find it interesting, send it on in!