• Discussion: Your Top Pony List!

    You have been hired to assist The Great and Powerful Trixie with her big come-back show in Canterlot.  Unfortunately, a disgruntled fan from her tour across Equestria (or a group of them, she apparently made a lot of enemies) snuck some filly powder in her hay smoothie, and now you are stuck a unicorn that can't even lift her hat with magic.

    Time to improvise!

    Celestia promised you internet access, a gigantic movie theater sized screen, and popcorn (all but popcorn available via wormhole magic, just because). Your job is to entertain, and to do so, you need to choose your favorite of the following:

    Custom/Plushie Pony
    Drawn/Digital art Piece
    Fan Animation
    And one item of interest that doesn't fall into any of these categories.

    Don't worry about their silly pony reactions.  If grimdark Twilight Sparkle is your thing, then list it!

    Drop your links in the comments below.  Lets dig up some fun stuff!

    Thanks to TopNotchBrony for the idea!