• Story: The Knights of Harmony (Update Part 5!)

    [Normal] Another epic length story!  I can't keep up anymore!

    Author: Silent Magi
    Description: Alternate-timeline of the MLP: FiM verse. One young mage’s quest for peace during a time of war leads her to seek out a mythical set of items known only as the Elements of Harmony in order to bring back the Goddesses: Princess Luna and Princess Celestia.
    Knights of Harmony Chapters
    Chapter 1: Long, Dark Nightmare
    Chapter 2: One Hoof in Front of the Other
    Chapter 3: On a Wing and Prayer
    Chapter 4: Riding With the Shadows of the Night
    Chapter 5: Oatmeal of Destiny 
    Chapter 6: Saddled With The Future (New!)

    Additional Tags: Alternate Timeline Longfic Quest Journey

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