• Nightly Roundup #23

    I was technically supposed to use a specific image for this tonight, but I forgot what it was! So have some Luna being Loony!

    On with the news!

    Another Web Comic Goes Pony!

    Enjuneer has joined the comic artist pony herd, going so far as to acquire a new OC pony.  I'm getting jelly of all these personal ponies people have!  You can find the comic here!

    1080p Friendship is Magic UK Trailer!

    For those of you who save random trailers, and I'm sure there are a few of you, the UK TV trailer for My Little Pony has been released in full 1080p!  You can find it here!

    RainbowDash.net Admin Steps Down

    A few changes are going on over at the pony Twitter page, Rainbowdash.net!  It looks like Purple Tinker (many know her for the Celestia font and New York brony conventions) has stepped up as admin, dealing with the tech side of the site, and Elind85 will be doing the moderation and delegation.

    They are still asking for donations from anypony willing to help out.  Rainbowdash.net costs a lot of money to keep afloat, so anything helps!

    Polish Subtitles

    For those of you who only speak polish (What are you doing here?!) or if you know someone who only speaks polish, a brony going by the name of ObessionOcotpus is releasing subtitled episodes for everyone to enjoy.  You can find the channel here!

    My Little Remix Launches!  All Composers and Music Enthusiasts Are Welcome!

    NotACleverPony gave me something to copypaste, and It's 4am, so I'm just going to roll with that.  Enjoy!
    "My Little Remix is a brand new brony musician community, established by NotACleverPony, PinkiePieSwear and Makkon. 

    The point of the forum is to help each other out since we are all remixing the same show - It's a place to share MIDI and Audio hints. 

    We welcome anyone who is curious about pony music (and beyond). 

    If you're just starting out, we'll be happy to lend a hoof, so to speak.

    We will also collectively vote regarding what the Challenge tracks will be in future Remix Wars, via the forum. If you look at our member's list, we have a good, experienced collection of contributors, among them, Eurobeat Brony, ChainAlgorithm, The Marking Dude, General Mumble and many, highly talented bronies, ready to share their wisdom and audio advice.

    We also welcome anyone who makes Trigger Videos, which are often Music Remixes in their own right. 

    Come join us at My Little Remix!"

    Fluttershy Cosplay

    More Cosplay! This time it's Fluttershy (The best pony on Tuesdays and Wednesdays if you were curious.)

    You can find her DA Page here!

    Bronies in Australia's "The Mercury" Paper.

    Another shout out to us from the media!  I think I've seen that picture somewhere before,  And they even threw out /b/ emblem in there.  Sadly It isn't published online yet, and the image is a bit small.  I'll ask the guy who sent it to me for some bigger stuff.  Meanwhile, just bask in the glory of world domination.

    You can find their website here!

    And thanks to Scarmask for the infos!

    Equestria Daily News

    Apparently Blogger added a beta mobile version, so I enabled it.  If you don't like mobile versions, you can find the button to switch to normal at the bottom of the mobile page.  I'll test it out for a bit and see how well it goes. 

    15,000,000 Page Views!
    How Great and Powerful!

    That's it for tonight.  Off to schedule the morning yay~