• Afforementioned Facebook Page Surprise Updated

    Updates below!

    Well, that was kind of disappointing.

    I dunno whether this is the surprise they were talking about, but it was indeed an update to the page itself and not anything earth-shattering. I was kind of hoping it would be something totally awesome like a full-size Rarity plush doll that I could cuddle while I sleep. It would be the most comfortable pillow ever because Rarity is basically a marshmallow anyway. Oh, and it would have talked, too. You squeeze the hoof and she'd say something hilarious like, "not that hoof! I just had it manicured!" And if you squeezed it again she'd be all like, "WHAT DID I JUST TELL YOU?" in that crazed I'm-going-to-kill-you voice.

    But then you'd put on her included super-fashionable hat and she'd forgive you. You could even wear the hat because it's a pony hat and therefore too big for them anyway. It would even come with a bow, because Rarity always looks better with a bow.


    The point is I would have totally bought that. And so would you. Get on it, Hasbro.

    *Looks like the actual surprise has yet to come!*-Seth 

    From the facebook page: You guys have some great ideas ;-) The fun starts a few days from now. Here's a hint, it's Facebook related!