• Senate Voting On 10-Strikes Streaming Bill

    I never did pay attention in my government classes freshman year. I think it was because my professor just rambled about his personal life all the time instead of teaching us stuff. Oh, and he would always interrupt the lecture and basically force us to debate on the subject at hand even if what he was teaching was pretty straight-forward. It was really strange. I think it was because he worked for the government for a good long while and just wanted to see us all get details wrong because he was a grouchy old man. As a result I didn't really learn anything except that governmental practices are often stupid and convoluted.

    So, anyway.

    The United States Senate is poised to vote on a bill that will make it a felony to stream copyrighted content more than ten times in a set period of time. You can find the bill here.

    Seems a bit silly, doesn't it? Ten times? "Oh, you little rascal! If you do that nine more times, we're gonna toss your flank in jail. That's eight! We're onto you!"

    I don't get it. Anyway, supposedly this is pony-related since new episodes were often streamed during season one when they were being broadcast on television. Might wanna keep an eye on this one.

    Also a website to do something about it here!

    EDIT: There is this clause:

    The total retail value of the performances, or the total economic value of such public performances to the infringer or to the copyright owner, would exceed $2,500.

    Meaning I'm not sure if it would impact us if we aren't profiting from it.  

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