• Story: The Search for Bighoof

    [Adventure][Comedy] Hey! Cheerilee finally got a story!  About time. 

    Author: Lucres
    Description: On a Filly Scout camping trip in the Whitetail Woods,
    Scootaloo is determined to prove she’s not a chicken. In order to do
    so, she sets out on her own to find and capture the legendary creature
    known only as “bighoof”. Unfortunately, she’s about to find out that
    the Whitetail Woods can be more dangerous than their serene appearance
    suggests. Can Fluttershy bring her back safe, or will something else
    find her first? Also, Cheerilee completely loses her mind!
    In Search of Bighoof

    Additional Tags: Episode-style, Scouting, Cryptids, Skepticism, Scootalove

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