• Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 23

    Derpy Hooves: Master Contractor. Um, Edition. Gosh, you wouldn't think it would be so hard to remember that part, how does Sethisto do it? Anyway, I think it's fair to say that this was a very productive day for pony drawings. As I'm hammering out this post, I feel overwhelmed by the dramatic buildup. So the construction of tonight's gallery is progressing slowly, and I just can't quite nail down the reason why. Today's workload produced 139 bricks, blocks, and the ponies who love them. That brings our grand total to 4,357 pieces in all! Yay!

    Today I got my first ever thank you for constantly linking the submission guidelines! I feel so happy to be justified for constantly repeating myself in this space! This calls for an even bigger celebration, whee! And of course, the door at [email protected] is always open. Goodness that sounds cheesier and cheesier.

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony crying. It's a return to our Series of Emotions line of products! Now introducing the melancholy edition. Take the following words to heart and let them be your inspiration: “There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief...and unspeakable love.” But if that doesn't do it for you, remember that crying can also include calling out. Ponies as Town Criers are also acceptable. There are other available puns, but you'll have to find those on your own.

    So, last night my body decided it had enough of not sleeping. After posting I crashed and I crashed hard. Pretty much blew the whole day in bed. But I feel much better now! So I'm going to talk about something I wanted to do last night but didn't feel up for. It's not very relevant tonight, but with all the ponies in swimsuits around yesterday it was floating in my head: why is it that ponies in clothes just seem so... alluring and attractive, when as a matter of course they don't wear any clothing at all? And for us on this side of the computer, it's mostly an anthropomorphic effect - they feel more human, and we're suddenly made aware that there is something to remove, which makes the whole thing feel forbidden and attractive. But how does it work for ponies?

    If you look at most designs for clothing, you'll notice they have a tendency to show off the flank, but hide the cutie mark. So if your cutie mark is a metaphysical representation of yourself bared for all the world to see, by covering it you suddenly become that much more alluring to the ponies around you. You're tantalizing. You're potential. You're teasing their imaginations. I mean, it's still context sensitive; it's not as though Rarity is just a big tramp or something, but I can imagine clubs dotting the red light districts of cities all across Equestria where attractive young fillies parade around on stage in... gasp! Clothes! Can we make this canon? Or am I just a pervert? Haha, and you thought I was going to be the sane and reasonable member of the site, didn't you? Anyway, ponies below. Be sure to wear your hard hat!

    1) By Several Alpacas (I fear this will not end well.)

    2) By Prismatic Pretzel

    3) By Philith

    4) By Gig

    5) By ChaosDrop (At least up there the tide won't come in and wreck everything.)

    6) By blindferret

    7) By dinoburger

    8) By RToasts (She's building her Assassin Rank. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

    9) By Thanqol (Fluttershy is building a relationship in the most healthy way possible:)

    10) By Thanqol (With ropes! =D)

    11) By DB (Without those labels I would have no idea what is going on with Rarity.)

    12) By TensaiOni

    13) By purpletrauma

    14) By Daishizen

    15) By LifeSequenceBreak

    16) By Smock (Thanks for reminding me I still need to paint my Celestia white.)

    17) By Invidlord

    18) By MHPayne

    19) By saragator97

    20) By TheWispX

    21) By HyperMark (janzybrony)

    22) By Lunar Apologist (Best spice rack ever.)

    23) By Goggle Sparks (Seth is going to be so angry when this gets built.)

    24) By Emerald Dust

    25) By Mockingbird

    26) By Doctor Whoof Fanatic

    27) By ZenEffy (But what would I do with a giant robot Lyra? Besides conquer Equestria.)

    28) By Kitty Tail (The name makes me wonder what she's planning on doing with that ship.)

    29) By Tanman

    30) By Supersheep64

    31) By Syggie (Building a pony tower!)

    32) By Heireau/HarrowTPrower (She's building her level of irritation at water. Yes.)

    33) By Blu3berry Muffin

    34) By DJ Rainbow Dash (That is a very good reason. Good luck!)

    35) By Mere Jump (I don't think Lyra knows how to play this game.)

    36) By Nido Media

    37) By rich-tea

    38) By Skyline (The artist told me they have been needing an excuse to draw Derpy and a brick. Huwha?)

    39) By Ori (So that's where she gets them.)

    40) By A Terrible Person

    41) By Blu (Why is she so many machines what is this!?)

    42) By Farvei

    43) By Sherlock Hooves (Reminds me of Pittsburgh, the city I cannot come up with a pony name for right now.)

    44) By midnight shadow

    45) By PonyWithPasta

    46) By EssAeEm

    47) By GonzaHerMeg (Apple'd!)

    48) By Axwrend

    49) By Nullh (Hey, did your friends watch you draw this? What did they say?)

    50) By Chromadancer

    51) By Dangereaux (Derpy spent today building my self esteem. Now she's building yours!)

    52) By Alipes (I miss my Lego brand bricks.)

    53) By Amehdaus (Now I have a sad.)

    54) By Bananizen

    55) By TheLaughingMare

    56) By Chocolate Splash (But why is she pink?)

    57) By Nimble Haste

    58) By Vergioso

    59) By Chocolate Splash (I'm thrilled, in fact.)

    60) By Miyajima (She's building a new constallation for somepony. I can't tell who (yes I can))

    61) By Rachel

    62) By Partition (Evidently the pegasus wings got cut off by a rogue scanner. Or is Mayor Mare just racist?)

    63) By Kelz

    64) By DI-FL (I agree with this with every fiber of my being.)

    65) By DCPIP

    66) By Argembarger (I know your pain, Twi.)

    67) By Atlur (All together now: d'awwwww)

    68) By Gunny

    69) By Argembarger's Sister (When #66 was drawing, his little sister got so excited she decided to try too. SO CUTE!)

    70) By Starlight Bolt

    71) By badzerg (The continuing adventures of Longshy.)

    72) By Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi (So how much longer before Evil!Twilight is defeated?)

    73) By Doc Steedly

    74) By ASGallardo (This is canon.)

    75) By Da Chi

    76) By Chris

    77) By Chris (Do you want to know why I don't take a break? It's because of things like this. All of my love.)

    78) By Rydel (Note the classic Pelyponysian style. Yes I'm brining that back.)

    79) By PenguinPlayer

    80) By Saphin (Building confidence!)

    81) By Buddy Vox (It always stinks when this sort of thing happens. Also, I don't believe you that you're not a pony.)

    82) By RaspleZS

    83) By Doppelgänger (I don't entirely know what's being sewn here.)

    84) By Ego (Come to think of it, applying frosting with hooves is no easy task.)

    85) By Relias (Don't worry too much about pushing boundaries every day, some nice cloud castle building is fine, too.)

    86) By kits (I approve of... some of this. Can you guess which parts?)

    87) By Passer Palmatum (Bodybuilders have always kind of grossed me out.)

    88) By toonboy92484 (It's important to establish good credit.)

    89) By Kephra

    90) By Neoridgeback (Gasp!)

    91) By Natry

    92) By mr.Paulsen

    93) By Starlite (Do you feel guilty yet? Huh? You should, you jerks!)

    94) By Ambrose

    95) By Kitsune (Canterlot wasn't built in a day.)

    96) By Kt Kat

    97) By Prismatic Pretzel

    98) By Uncle Leo (I am the best Princess ever.)

    99) By Spurs

    100) By Tarynsgate (I like how the controller only has a kill button.)

    101) By Shane Jasperse

    102) By Horizon Bound

    103) By Sapphire (I guess she would be the one to build it.)

    104) By Easteu

    105) By Immersa

    106) By Zach

    107) By Xiagu (Personally, I think Azami is a better general. I like Drana more, but that's probably not Twi's schtick.)

    108) By Infinity

    109) By rabidcow147

    110) By deniper (Relationship building!)

    111) By rabidcow147

    112) By Kooldude

    113) By Jeff

    114) By Tenchi Outsuno

    115) By otherunicorn

    116) By AlterForm

    117) By redcladhero (Wow, that's... that's going to take a while.)

    118) By Albert

    119) By DareDreamer

    120) By Thattagen

    121) By cartoonlion (I will never forgive or sympathize with Gilda. Ever.)

    122) By Shockwave

    123) By nuclearsuplexattack

    124) By Circuit Mane

    125) By Whyareall

    126) By DJ RBDash

    127) By Eeful

    128) By monotreme

    129) By Fox E:

    130) By jberg18

    131) By Leaf Growth

    132) By Virga Rainboom

    133) By Frith

    134) By djTeka

    135) By Randomjack

    136) By ShoeboxWarrior

    137) By Liska

    138) By Periphery

    139) By Heireau/HarrowTPrower

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