• NPR, Bronies, and The Great and Powerful Sethisto

    Here, have a mad scientist pony because my picasa account rolled over to a new album and all I have quick access to are OC ponies.


    You all probably heard of the National Public Radio thing....  At least the 30 of you in my mailbox have!

    They did in fact have a segment, that has once again attacked us. You can find that and everything else below!

    NPR Bluff the Listener

    About 3 days ago, they emailed me asking me to do an interview thing for their gameshow, so I rolled with it figuring someone was going to get hit with it.  Worst case is you guys get to listen to my awesomely bad voice right?  I went in knowing it was probably going to be cut up and rebuilt from ground up to make us look bad, but I gave it a shot anyway.

    I made sure to give the interviewer the hardest time possible in isolating a corny quote, and I think I did a pretty good job of that considering all she managed to glean was a 10 second bit at the end.  Pretty much 90% of the 10 minute interview was trying to make me say something stupid.  I was asked "what is a brony" at least 5 times, and stuck with my "we like the animation and quality of the show", as opposed to the response they were probably looking for of "We love friendship and cute colorful ponies and rainbows and use it to escape the terrors of life". 

    Please don't freak out again.  This is just how media works guys!  It is extremely difficult to make My Little Pony sound cool, and they don't want it to.  Sure Fox news takes it to the extreme, but every major news agency on the planet is in it for the ratings. 

    For those of you who DO get interviewed in the future, remember to be careful what you leave behind.  Quotes like the one at the start of the Wired interview that everyone keeps blasting us with are exactly what they are looking for. 

    Anyway, the UK Wired magazine has an article about us coming up, and they tend to actually roll with the facts.  I'll post that up here when it's sent to me.