• Nightly Roundup #10

    Alright, back to Lyra!

    Nightly Roundup #10 is GO!

    This one is much shorter... not a whole lot to report on. 

    And before I start, I got a HUGE mount of people asking me to help with their "compile letters for Fox news" projects.   I know you guys are angry about it, but no matter what you do, they will twist it into something negative.   Fox news has always been about blowing things ridiculously out of proportion with all sorts of made up nonsense.  It's just what they do!  Look at their reports on 4chan from a while back. 

    Sending them letters won't do anything.  They got their ratings. If anything, it will add fuel to the fire and give them an even bigger excuse to blast us on air. 

    Derpy Hooves Invades JFK Airport

    I have no way of proving this, but It's still pretty neat.  Apparently someone over at JFK is a brony, and dropped this quote over the intercom
    "There has been a security issue involving Derpy Hooves. Maintenance crew to Gate 3."
    Was this one of you?  Anyway someone from Team4D heard it if so! Good job! 

    Eco Pony

    This crazy contraption here is an "Eco Pony".  It's a ridable pony that is powered by your up and down movement.  It's not really an upgrade to a bike, and not really FiM related, but I'm sure kids will be all over it!  You can find the video of them in action here!

    DJ Pon-3 License Plate

    Not to be outdone by yesterdays Rainbow Dash plate, this brony has acquired a DJ Pon-3 version.  You can find it here!

    Rainbow Dash....Shotgun?

    I guess if License plates aren't your thing, you can always buy a Rainbow Dash shotgun!  This crazy brony over on ponychan has decked his out with  a cutie mark and dash colored paint.  Now THAT is intimidation right there!

    Google Auto complete Wins Again

    Oh Google, you so silly. 

    Synchtube PMV Playlist

    Another Synchtube channel has popped up, this one focusing completely on PMV's.  You can find that here!

    And that is all for tonight! Much easier than last night! Now off to sort the side bar and schedule the next few hours.

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