• Nightly Roundup #235

    Distracted edition!  I'm slowly finding out that I am terrible at multi-tasking even though I do it constantly.

    Have some news!

    Epic Pie Time Pinkie Pie Voiceactor Doing Commissions! 

    Apparently I broke the link last time.  I just don't know what went wrong!

    Have some copy paste:
    Ever think about how totally awesome it'd be to have a customized MLP ringtone, voicemail or text tone? Maybe send that a friend the best gift ever on their birthday (or the upcoming Valentines Day) of a custom pony greeting? Look no further! Bree Faith of Epic Cupcake Time fame  is offering pony voice commissions at negotiable rates as Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and other ponies on a request basis. Help her pay off her college books and get a one of a kind audio file! For an additional fee Pinkie style singing telegrams are available for the Valentines day season. Act fast!
    Check her page out here!

    Cathy Weseluck Interview Uploaded to Youtube

    For those that couldn't make it to the interview a few days ago, the entire thing has been uploaded to Youtube.

    Check it out here!

    They also plan to release a "brony" edition with just the pony stuff included as well for those primarily looking toward listening to it for that.

    Japanese Pony Fandub

    Oh god Japanese Pinkie Pie is awesome.

    Derpy Derpin

    Brony Novel Project

    Have some copy paste:
    I, Riftwing, have drafted a book about the Brony subculture (with Purple Tinkers blessing) and am asking fellow Bronies to assist with its content.  The book was written for non-viewers that are interested in learning about BroniesIt explains the basics of the show and the fan culture, as well as addressing the ‘why’ of the fandom.  I am asking for both positive and negative feedback on my writing, as well as comments on parts of the fandom that I may have missed.  I am releasing a draft of the book  at my blog, Brony Magic.
    I am also putting out a call for support material to be integrated into my book.  These include personal stories that reflect just how strong the magic of friendship really is, stories about how the fandom has affected you, and other interesting tales of being a brony.  I also am asking for art for the front and back cover art for the book, artwork and/or photographs for each chapter, and maybe a better banner or theme for my blog.  If you are interested in reading and/or submitting content for the book, please visit Brony Magic!  Thank you for your support! 


    Truly Delicious.

    My Little Attourney Seeking People

    Another Phoenix Wright style project is under way, have some copy paste:
    Hello, bronies! I know a lot of you have probably heard of the series "Turnabout Storm", and I have been planning a 5-case series starring Twilight Sparkle as the defense attorney. These cases will be a webseries, and I will personally be writing the script. The problem is, I have nopony helping me with this project, and I've decided to send a message to Equestria Daily for recruitment.

    I will need artists, for vectors and for backgrounds. I will also need voice actors of all kinds.
    If you wish to know what spots are available, please email me at [email protected] or contact me at my Youtube account: http://www.youtube.com/user/Kiniest
     And check out their forum here!

    Scratch Tattoo

    Not bad! Hopefully Scratch doesn't end up terrible if she ever shows up with some lines though!  Check out a video.

    Snow Ponies! 

    This scratch is amazing.  Too bad it's going to melt!

    Midnight Run Superbowl Ad Event

    Over on Midnight Run, there is a Superbowl ad event going on.  If you would like to recommend specific ones for it, hit up their email address here.

    They also have a Star Trek online guild, if you play the game, send a message to @Travel_tech. 

    Successful Meetups

    Dutch Meetup 

    Copy paste:
    We started off with a group of 60 bronies who were all trembling of cold (and excitement) but more came in later as all the trains finally arrived. We had some some bronies even arriving 4 hours later because they got stuck but refused to go home!

    During the meet, we had several activities planned but our planning went a bit hay-wire (pun intended) because of the weather. Still, we had several successful activities like Ponyhunt, drawing competitions, Ponies and Dragons, Pony auction, Pony mane-styling, sing-alongs and of course the bronystate stream just before the episode!

    Thanks to bronystate, we were able to give a massive shout-out to the bronies all across the globe. Even though the quality of it was not great (thank skype for that), I think we managed to show bronies worldwide how awesome brony communities are.

    After a fruitful meetup, we had to send the bronies off into the cold winter night again but don’t despair! There will be another meetup in 2 months! April 7th to be exact.

    Check it out the video here

    Newmarket Brony Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    We started by having the raffle for an unofficial season one set at the Everything Chocolate Cafe - congratulations to Dillon Bondarenko for winning! Aftwer we spent another hour or so there, we decided to go about our usual routine of wandering the town. We had some adventures climbing garbage / gravel / snow piles, wandering behind the stores along "the wall", and searching high and low for ponies (no luck this week...darn). Hopefully we have better luck next time in terms of snow and ponies to be found, eh?

    This is the group for all fans of 'My Little Pony : Friendship Is Magic' who live in Newmarket (Central York Region) and want to meet new people, discuss the show, and have fun in general with other fans of the show. We meet once a week on Sunday and are always eager to accept new members.

    For those not in the know, the YRT / VIVA is free to ride until the end of March, so feel free to hop on any bus and come join us on Sunday!

    Newmarket Bronies Links
    MeetUp - http://www.meetup.com/NBronies/
    RDN Group - http://rainbowdash.net/group/nbronies/
    Twitter - http://twitter.com/NBronies/
    RadiOnline - http://server4.reliastream.com/start/mcameron/

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    New Zealand Art Competition

    The New Zealand Brony group has a competition underway for all the artists out there.

    It is only open to New Zealanders right now, so hit up the page here if you live in the area!

    Michigan State Club

    The Michigan State University Brony Club is proud to announce it's formation. The next meeting will be Saturday, February 11 in 2250 Engineering Building. New episode starts at 11 AM, but come for episodes and more fun starting around 10 AM.

    Their link was an imgur page, so I'm not too sure how they want you to gain contact. 

    San Francisco Game Developers Conference Meetup

    Are you a brony coming out here to San Francisco for the Game Developer's Conference in March? We'd like to meet you! The Bronies of Northern California (BONC) is going to hold an event the week of GDC with fellow brony gamers, but we would love to see some faces who are actually in the game industry! Even if it is just dropping by to say hello! Details are still being ironed out, so if you're interested, please check out the link. You can also email me directly at bronymo [at] gmail . com or even tweet me @Nymo so we can know when you're available that week. See you there!


    Mardi Gras Meetup

    Join up with some fellow bronies and have a fun, not crazy Mardi Gras. Attend the parade of the King of Mardi Gras, then head down to the Lake front for an afternoon of games and fun!
    When: Tuesday, February 21st
    Facebook Event Page: http://www.facebook.com/events/365134510163484/
    Forum: http://forums.rainbowdash.com/index.php/topic,185.0.html "


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Apple Bloom Beanie Plush
    Luna Beanie Plush
    Wet Hair Rarity

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