• Youtube Adds Copyright School

    Copyright has hit us already before on youtube, with the shutting down of Masterlinkx channel.  Google has brought out a new system for dealing with people that violate it, via copyright school.  People that violate copyright are tasked with completing a 2 step program, which is essentially watching the video (Found below the break) and taking a quiz after.

    Hasbro has thankfully been pretty lax on it so far, which is definitely a plus (and probably a smart business decision too considering how fast FiM has grown).

    I honestly think Google wanted the video to be as un-serious as possible, since pretty much everything on youtube is  copyright in some form.  Looking at the top 20 right now, every single one violates it.

    Here is more technical article.

    Youtube's Copyright School

    Thanks to Sgolem for the article link!

    And the video (Hosted by...Happy Tree Friends... I love Google!)
    tl;dr: Every single video posted here so far is violating copyright! hurrah!

    Apparently Youtube's video violated Youtube's copyright

    So here is a link to it... Yes the same video.

    Copyright School

    Strangely, the embedded one below was actually a link on the official youtube channel, so I don't know why it was reported as copyright.  I'm going to keep it cause it's lolworthy

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