• Cereal Velocity's Pony Viewing Guide

    The Great and Powerful Trixie!

    Do you have friends who you want to introduce to bronydom, but don't know where to start them off without scaring them away?

    Introducing Cereal Velocity's Newbie Pony Viewing guide!  This handy, simple to use .jpg should make it easy as Pinkie Pie to show off how awesome Friendship is Magic can be, without accidentally giving the wrong impression. 

    The guide uses state-of-the-art "greenredyellow" technology to easily pinpoint potentially problematic episodes, and leave you showing off only the best starting point for any would-be brony.

    And as your new pony buddy progresses, you can slowly introduce episodes from the other categories.  Remember: Just because it's red, doesn't mean it's bad!  

    So either click The Great and Powerful Trixie above, or follow the link below!

    Cereal Velocity's Pony Viewing Guide

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