• Spotlight Music: Oxygen / Froggy Bottom Bogg / Chant of Immortality

    That first one has almost an Owl City vibe, though a bit more dancey.  Did anyone not go through an Owl City phase? I think that fireflies song was on the top of Youtube for 3-4 months.  Anyway, new musicians that come out swingin are always fun.

    Slot Number two is dominated by Chi-Chi and 4Everfreebrony.  This is another thing I'm liking about this "new" music scene.  Lots of female vocalists collabin on stuff.  Keep it up ladies!

    And finally, a jungle beat style song dedicated to Froggy Bottom Bog from Das Deer.  No vocals in that one, but I think a lot of you will probably get hit with a nostalgia bomb from those oldschool PS1 era platformers there.   At least I did.

    Anyway, get them below!

    1.) Oxygen - FritzyBeat & Almost Anyone
    2.) DasDeer - Froggy Bottom Bogg
    3.) 4everfreebrony - Chant of Immortality (ft. Chi-Chi)