• 65/66 Days of Pony - Magical Mystery Cure

    After weeks of waiting, and way too many teasers, that big episode that all of season 3 kept hinting at was finally happening.  There was still an aura of mystery surrounding it.  Was Twilight's alicorndom a temporary thing? Would her character change with the addition of wings? Do little girls even want brushable alicorn princess pony toys anymore?  The fandom was about to find out.

    Such a massive transformation on one of the most popular characters in the series was something that was inevitably going to cause waves throughout the fandom.  There were stories of depressed kids who related to her geekiness getting up in arms about the pinnacle of adorkable becoming a princess.  I'd venture to guess that running an empire would change a pony. We won't see any of that until Saturday though. 

    Quite a bit of rumbling between conventions and Twitter conversations revealed that the original idea was going to span across two episodes, and it definitely showed.  Trying to pack in such a historic moment into 20 minutes must have been a huge challenge for the guys at DHX.  They did a great job for what they had to work with, and it was interesting to see the show bust out a full on musical, but I would have loved to see an extra episode to really work things out on. 

    In the end, I got the feels out of Celestia's song, and I'm sure a bunch of you did too.

    Hit up Magical Mystery Cure below the break, and expect some Equestria Girls to finish off our countdown series tomorrow.