• Meet The BlogPonies: Sethisto

    And last but certainly not least we have the one and only Sethisto! Without this madman's dream of a pony blog for all, Equestria Daily as we know it would never exist! Meet the crazy guy we can't stop discussing below.

    A small aside: For those of you keeping track, there is indeed one more blogpony, the illustrious Kryptonlogic. He was unable to do an interview so you'll just have to imagine how excellent he really is.

    So introduce yourself, what's your name, when did you join EQD, what do you do?
    S: I am Sethisto. I spend every day faking a pony blog while secretly pushing a Trixie agenda without anyone realizing it (hopefully). I figure after four years we can go ahead and just admit to it. I bet you all have Trixie folders. That mission was accomplished two years in.  SUCCESS!
    While not doing that, I post things. Usually spotlit with whichever pony who isn't Trixie that I like most at the time. Coco Pommel, Bat Ponies, Sonata Dusk, OC Luna ripoffs that I can't get enough of, it happens.

    I also drive people nuts on Skype/twitter/Deviant Art/Steam/Etc by forgetting to reply after clicking a bunch of notifications off and telling myself I'll do it later.  Sorry guys!

    Oh, and typos. Lots of typos. I'm getting a new keyboard soon though. This 15 year old one might be to blame. Editor: I've tried to redeem my editing skills by correcting as many as I could spot.

    What's the best thing about working for EQD and what do you do in your spare time?

    S: I really like the ponies. Ponies are the best part about working for EQD.  Next to that though, the community has always kept me going.  Without it I'd be pretty bored.  Keep those comments going!  If you see a post series start to slow down, it's because there aren't any comments and I get bored. I'm looking at you music posts. Good thing Frozen remixes are so popular!

    As for spare time, I play whatever game friends are playing. I can get absorbed into a single player RPG pretty easily and throw 60 hours out the window, but usually prefer online stuff now. Blame it on years of MMORPGS! I've played them all. It's probably the worst hobby on the planet, and biggest time sink in existence, but for whatever reason I can't get enough of them. I sometimes sit there killing frogs in Lower Guk and contemplate what kind of career I'd have if I put all this frog killing time into something useful. Could I save millions of lives by coming up with a cure for cancer? Or maybe hop in with Spacex and head to Mars? In the end though, fun always wins, and Gul'dan needs to die so I can be a 670ilvl e-badass with the purplez.      
    What's your favourite episode and whose your fave pony?
    MAGIC DUEL! How could I not love the best episode in the series?! Season 3 gets a lot of flak, but all I remember about it was the GREATEST AND MOST POWERFUL COMEBACK.
    Despite that, Trixie is not my favorite pony. She's my fallback pony. When I get bored of whatever pony I'm currently favoriting, Trixie is always there ready to support me in the gaps between best pony eras.  What a trooper.

    (Shes awesome too.  Me and You, a MAGIC DUEL!)

    Do you think EQD helps the fandom?
    S: I hope it does. I've always seen it as sort of the best way to spotlight things. Spread is good, but having one focused place really helps community members explode in popularity. I've seen so many new SFM creators, musicians, artists, writers and others gain huge followings over the years from that initial burst we give, and it always makes me feel good about what we do. At the end of the day, word of mouth is key, but that extra leg up at the start to add more mouths hopefully helps a ton. If EQD died next month, I still know we have made a difference for millions.
    It does have the side effect of slowly eating into the site when we send everyone away for things instead of host it here, but at the end of the day it's a better way to do things. In the era of the internet where people actually make jobs out of their personal Youtube channels, or get signed on by a major indie record label from a pony piece they did, it's a worthy cause.

    Is Seth really as crazy to work with as everyone thinks?

    S: I hate that guy. I heard from a friend who works with an artist who did a commission for someone's fanfic that got rejected by the pre-readers that hes a meanie. I've never talked to him though.

    But really, I'm totally sane. I run a pony blog after all! 
    Thanks for the awesome interview Seth and know we all love you, crazy or not. To get more Sethisms make sure to check back on EQD and find his twitter over here.