• Brony Thank You Fund 2015 Calendars are 50% Off Normal Donation for the End of the Year

    Charity! It makes the fandom shine! In a world where people constantly email me about how crippling the "dark side of the fandom" makes us look, here is the solution to fix it!

    Brony Thank You Fund released these calendars early in the year, and now for just $5, your donation toward the Dana Farber Cancer institute can net you one. 

    Head on over here for the full page for it! And get the press release below.

    You’ve lived through Black Friday. Your wallet survived Cyber Monday. Now comes the most important shopping period of the year, “Coder Wants to Get Rid of All The Boxes of Calendars in His House Day” We’ve got about 100 calendars left, and no desire to carry the stock over into the New Year (funny thing about calendars, they don’t age well…) So, from now until the end of December (or until we run out of stock), our gorgeous calendars, featuring art by Sibsy, Amy Cook, John Joseco, Pixelkitties, egophilliac, Leek Fish and more, is now available for a teensie little $5 donation (plus shipping). That’s half off the normal donation! All funds benefit the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.