• Discussion: What's Your Opinion On the Waifu Phenomenon?

    I'm in the nostalgic mood, and if the early fandom loved to celebrate anything at all, it was those Tubby Wubby Pony Waifus. I'd venture to guess a large majority of it was said jokingly.  "Waifu" has always had multiple meanings in itself.  For some, it was simply their best pony.  For others, it went a bit further.  The actual definition is arguable.

    If you joined from the anime or video game world (the online version at least), you probably ran into it several times before. It wouldn't even be that far fetched to believe that many people's "Waifu" ponies were mainly based on their personalities. And again, a good amount of it is just jokingly as the video link portrays.

    So, good fandom of EQD, what do you think of this very much internet born concept? Does it creep you out? Or do you see it in a lighter, more jovial way?

    And if it applies to you, who's best waifu?

    Hit those comments up!