• Story Updates - January 23rd

    Cheerilee doing thousands of things, crazy OC ponies, noir, and more! It's story update time.  Get them all below.

    Story: Cheerilee's Thousand (Update Part 51-52!)


    Author: xjuggernaughtx
    Description: How could somepony as amazing as you not have a Special Somepony on Hearts and Hooves Day?"

    With that one sentence, a thousand memories came flooding back to Ms. Cheerilee. A thousand memories of a thousand terrible dates that she'd just rather forget.
    Cheerilee's Thousand (New Part 51-52!)

    Story: All In - An Applejack Noir (Update Part 11!)


    Author: Belligerent Sock

    Description: Ever since she was a filly, Applejack has lived in Manehattan. And ever since Nightmare Moon took over, she’s had plenty of work as a private eye. When a tall stallion walks into her office and asks her to find his missing fiancé, it seems like just another case. But when a trail of clues and bodies leads her deeper into the darkened heart of the city, Applejack may find herself in over her fedora, and quite literally gambling for her life.

    All In - An Applejack Noir (New Part 11!)

    Story: Dreams and Disasters (Update Sequel Part 3!)


    Author: Quillery
    Description: Rainbow Dash has a problem.

    She might be in love with Twilight Sparkle and has yet to admit it to anypony, least of all Twilight herself. After the events of Vanilla Twilight, the two have grown much closer together, spending more time together and sharing their interests. Unfortunately for Dash, Twilight hasn't caught on to her feelings yet, and she could be content with just letting things progress as they are...

    If only she hadn't sent that blasted letter admitting it.

    Now, thanks to a pair of meddling princesses, Rainbow Dash finds herself on a globe-trotting journey with the subject of her affections. On the surface, it might just seem like a simple task for the Princess, but for Rainbow Dash, it might be the very thing that forces her to come clean with her feelings, or forever face her doubts. For her, in the world of life and love, sometimes it's best to take it one dream and disaster at a time.
    Dreams and Disasters

    Story: The Rise and Fall of the Dark Lord Sassaflash (Update Part 10!)

    [Adventure][Crossover] "Even the first chapter manages to make this story stand out with its unique characters and unusual premise. I’m eager to read more.” - Pre-reader Pabst

    Author: Dromicosuchus
    Description: Wanted: Minion. Applicants should be strong, loyal, pain tolerant, cold tolerant, unambitious. Must be capable of following simple instructions. Ideal applicant should be of low to average intelligence and mildly deformed, but exceptions will be made for extraordinary candidates, with extraordinariness to be determined by employer. Must be willing to begin work immediately.

    Remuneration will be in the form of room, board, and insight into the true nature of the cosmos. Extremely generous bonuses up to and including subcontinents may be awarded if merited and if circumstances permit. Interviews for the position to be conducted at 108 Haybale lane at 10:00 AM sharp on 4/7. Applicants are expected to be punctual.

    —The Dark Lord Sassaflash
    The Rise and Fall of the Dark Lord Sassaflash (New Part 10!)

    Story: The Daughter Doo - Honorary Cutie Mark Crusader (Update Parts 4-5!)

    [Comedy] [Adventure]

    Author: shortskirtsandexplosions

    Description: While Ditzy Doo and her sister Daring Do go on an epic quest and Rainbow Dash struggles to keep them both from killing one another, Ditzy's very own daughter Dinky embarks on a secret adventure of her own. Inducted as an honorary member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Dinky Doo finds herself tagging along with Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo as the four fillies set out to take back Mr. and Mrs. Cake's foalnapped twins. Their journey carries them across land, sea, and even parts unknown as they seek out their hidden talents in this precocious act of heroism. Not long into the quest, however, Dinky learns that doing the "honorary" thing means more than the title itself, and what started as a daring Crusade swiftly turns into a voyage of self-discovery that she had never asked for. -A Side Story dreamed up by Ponky to complement his fic, The Sisters Doo, including elements from his other side story, Through the Looking-glass and What Pinkie Found There -Special Thanks to Pilate and Props for editing and Aosion for the cover art (Links below the break).
    The Daughter Doo: Honorary Cutie Mark Crusader (New Part 4-5!)