• Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 12

    Pony bondage is more awesome than it has any right to be edition. If I could tell you exactly what the appeal of seeing these colorful equines tangled up in ropes is, I would. As it is I would really rather just move on before I blush so hard that my face catches on fire. Which feels like a real possibility right now. Ranging from the silly to the saucy, tonight's master plan to flood the internet with trussed up ponies netted 154 escape artists in training. I know this wasn't the easiest theme in the world, and probably not as imagination sparking as some others have been in the past, but we've managed a pretty impressive turnout nonetheless, I think. Very well done, everypony. I'm clopping... er... clapping with glee. What? What do you want? When you bring your hooves together it makes a 'clop' noise! Sheez.

    Moving on. Here's the daily link to the submission guidelines, which you must be sick to death of seeing by this point. Still, better safe than sorry, right? As always, feel free to drop a line at [email protected] if you have any followup questions or concerns that I can handle for you. I read every comment you write for me on the submission gatherer (I love some of the stories you guys tell!), but unfortunately there's really not a whole lot I can do to respond to each of you in the way that I'd like to. If there is a point you need my direct feedback on, please do e-mail it to me even if your picture went up just fine. I'm not dead yet, which means I'm clearly not doing enough to help out!

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony armed with a bladed weapon. I've been informed by our gracious Overlord that lightsabers are also acceptable, and in a similar vein I'd be more than happy seeing any sort of crazy martial arts ponies you guys want to throw at me. I figure after tonight you'll be all shipped out, so have some soothing action (action, action...) to cleanse your palates. Rock on, everypony.

    In a happy medical update to yesterday's whining about my owies, I managed to keep my hoof on ice long enough last night to avoid any major blistering from my adventures of late night cooking, and have since promised myself not to use anything more complicated than a toaster after 1 AM. Coincidentally, tonight's ramblings are brought to you by strawberry poptarts and sparkling lemonade. It's the two great tastes you're not experiencing! Go now! No, wait! Come back and see these ponies first, then go. Trust me, it's completely worth your while. Did you know Phoe Bondage is a meme?

    1) By Roper (See, Seth? You need to word your wishes carefully.)

    2) By Anakah (The artist claims she's tied to a two dollar banana)

    3) By Heidds

    4) By Thanqol (...Ahem.)

    5) By Tanman

    6) By ChaosDrop (The cupcake on top is a nice touch.)

    7) By Kitty Tail (Wheeeeeeeeeee!)

    8) By zomgitsalaura

    9) By Konig (Aaaaand that's terrifying.)

    10) By Damian Foxx (The crossover theme is bleeding into today.)

    11) By Emerald Dust

    12) By FoxOfWar (This has been a bad day for Trixie and ropes.)

    13) By Inspiration

    14) By Doc New!Filly (But what if I fall?)

    15) By Lancer5317 (What about sextuple?)

    16) By Omarian Volcae

    17) By Cybie

    18) By Zap

    19) By Eva

    20) By MHPayne

    21) By PandaRoux

    22) By Conner Cogwork

    23) By Baalthazzar

    24) By Mr. Wonko

    25) By Tarynsgate (Brohoof, Celly. =D)

    26) By ThatOnePegasus

    27) By Mr.Paulsen (Trixie pressed the issue, but Twilight had not had near enough sarsaparilla that night.)

    28) By DB (Skipping! It says skipping!)

    29) By Invidlord

    30) By Smock

    31) By Spark (All of my dreams came true on this night. Even that one.)

    32) By Easteu

    33) By midnight shadow

    34) By Shiko (It is so hard not to write shipfics for some of these right the hay now.)

    35) By Firefrie

    36) By Smock (Oh dear, I think we have two different Smocks.)

    37) By Nullh (Bonus points!)

    38) By Saphin

    39) By Amehdaus (...oh my.)
    Linked for very high levels of Fluttersauce.

    40) By Spiritofthwwolf (She is entirely too happy about this.)

    41) By Ambrose

    42) By Dragon Rage

    43) By Kitsune (I've always wanted to go to one of the shows where they use those ribbons...)

    44) By Nido Media

    45) By PastelPony (Grumpy Dash is cute. Especially when tied up.)

    46) By Omega RKB (She is clearly building an obstacle course. MOVING ON.)

    47) By PenguinPlayer (How did she end up there?)

    48) By PonyWithPasta

    49) By Philith

    50) By Alipes (Cutie Mark Crusaders Cowpokes, yay!)

    51) By T-Brony

    52) By Sherlock Hooves (Heh... rope tricked.)

    53) By Blueberry Muffin

    54) By Mockingbird (Tantalizing.)

    55) By Tabs (There is too much cute in this image. Too much.)

    56) By Quantum

    57) By Bananizen

    58) By Arcani

    59) By Chris

    60) By Dangereaux

    61) By Erthilo (Is she after the fridge again?)

    62) By Puffy

    63) By Ego (So, two drums and a cymbal fell off a cliff...)

    64) By Fickle (Poor Derpy...)

    65) By Shockwave

    66) By kits (Seriously, there are like 30 fanfics in my head at this point.)

    67) By Facelessguru (And so much of it is AppleDash! You guys!)

    68) By ParallaxMLP (Thanks for the assist, Celly.)

    69) By Partition

    70) By Rachel

    71) By Tenchi Outsuno (This is like what happens to every slinky ever, except with ponies and it's adorable instead of frustrating.)

    72) By Infinity

    73) By DI-FL (That's... amazing.)

    74) By EssAeEm

    75) By Relias

    76) By Ctrl-Z

    77) By Velosareon

    78) By Doctor Whoof Fanatic

    79) By Scootaleo

    80) By Moabite (Looks like somepony lost a fight.)

    81) By Paintroller

    82) By CrazyGamer6

    83) By Ori

    84) By Syggie

    85) By badzerg

    86) By Misharra

    87) By Sapphire (A reversal of fortune!)

    88) By devilTV100

    89) By Chromadancer

    90) By Afentis

    91) By Luna (There's a lot going on here. All of it is great.)

    92) By Fetchbeer (Her chicken got stuck!)

    93) By redcladhero (...Kitty!)

    94) By Atlur

    95) By rich-tea

    96) By Brongaar

    97) By Zach (That face! Which one? I don't know!)

    98) By Shake (Oh gosh, poor Derpy... that looks painful.)

    99) By toonboy92484

    100) By Coquette (Second reminder in two days to rewatch Tangled. I guess I don't really need that sleep...)

    101) By TapeDiggity

    102) By Immersa

    103) By Rydel

    104) By Doombah

    105) By purpletrauma

    106) By Neoridgeback

    107) By Drilltooth

    108) By TopoCruz

    109) By Buddy Vox

    110) By Taco Bandit

    111) By Lolstaz

    112) By Goggle Sparks

    113) By Condor (Your daily dose of pun.)

    114) By Kt Kat (Catastrophic levels of blushing achieved.)

    115) By Circuit Mane

    116) By Panda_Instinct (I'm going to pretend this is a followup to number 27, several drinks later.)

    117) By Virga Rainboom

    118) By Macon Mixx (But hooves make that neato clippity clop sound when you walk.)

    119) By Squidbombed

    120) By The Obsessor

    121) By Kelz

    122) By MasterofRoku (Wow, a nerds rope and a hidden Lyra. Two of my favorite things!)

    123) By HeatWave

    124) By Starlight Bolt (Applejack's face tells a story that 5,000 words could not hope to match.)

    125) By Natry

    126) By Starlite

    127) By RaspleZS

    128) By Uncle Leo

    129) By A Terrible Person (Sage advice.)

    130) By Tarragon

    131) By Leaf Growth

    132) By Filiecs (This is a VERY popular story tonight.)

    133) By Prismatic Pretzel (Wow, meta.)

    134) By TheShagged

    135) By Liska

    136) By StarStep (Sorry, Dashie. I really didn't think you'd be such a big target tonight.)

    137) By Kooldude

    138) By Da Chi

    139) By Thattagen (You've got to whip it! Whip it good!)

    140) By Muffinsforever

    141) By nuclearsuplexattack

    142) By Fox E:

    143) By DJ RBDash

    144) By Opalwhisker

    145) By Sashley

    146) By StarSongPony

    147) By Spurs

    148) By djTeka

    149) By Eeful

    150) By SonicRainboom93

    151) By Arion

    152) By Frith

    153) By Magnet

    154) By Periphery

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