• Story: Misted Stage

    [Adventure][Shipping] Hey there, fillies and colts. I've got a treat for you. It might look a little long, but don't be daunted: this one is very, very good...

    Author: Raz_Fox

    Description: Welcome, fillies and gentlecolts, to a show like no other! While I see you shaking your heads, expecting the usual fare - romance, adventure, and brightly-colored ponies - I assure you that these can be obtained from any half-bit dreadful or wandering showpony. I can see that you are an audience that demands - neigh, deserves! - more, and more you shall have! Star-crossed lovers, daring apple-fights, imprisoned beauties, and stories within stories - all of this you shall have! For tonight, by royal commission, we bring you a tale so shocking, so daring, that we must ask fillies of weak constitution to leave the audience! For, once the doors close, there can be no leaving this Misted Stage!

    Misted Stage: Chapters 1-3
    Misted Stage: Chapters 4-6
    Misted Stage: Chapter 7

    Additional Tags: Arabian Nights, Metafiction, Phoe-Approved, Alternate Universe, The Play's The Thing

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