• Achievement List Version Two

    The Summer Achievements have been pretty neat so far! But I admit, it's all a bit confusing, and the document was bulky as hell. So Achievement List V2 (Lite) has been added by the original creator.

    All new information including the new document can be found after the break! Along with some other random news.
    Instead of things like "Draw fluttershy 1/5/10 times", the "Draw Fluttershy" achievement is now repeatable for 10 points each.   In fact, most of these achievements are now repeatable.

    You have a choice.  I don't expect all of you to transfer your list over to the new one, so if you want to stick with the old, feel free!

    If you do decide to switch Email me the following:
    1. ACHIEVEMENT in the subject field
    2. Your NEW document
    3. The name you are using on the achievement list (No name=No update, I'm not psychic)
    You can find the actual Summer Achievement post and the new document to "make a copy" of below.

    Summer Achievement List V2 (See the post below for instructions on how to set yours up).

    Summer Achievements Main Post/Leaderboard

    Reminder:  Updates on the actual leader board happen only when you send me an email saying you have advanced, I do it manually! Simply Email with ACHIEVEMENT in the subject field, your name, and new point value.

    Reminder 2: I do achievement updates at night before I head to bed. 

    In other news...

    The Doctor Whoof Section of the story archive is added, and all stories with his tag have been shifted to their new home.  "Crossover" was removed, replaced with "Normal" or "Shipping" (The only 2 tags other than crossover he actually had).  If your story is mislabeled with "Normal" or "Shipping", or if a Doctor Whoof story isn't filed in the Doctor Whoof section, Feel free to email me with "TAG CHANGE" in the subject field. 

    I want to clear out all of the "Other" section and file the stuff somewhere.

    I also moved all 6 of the mane cast to the top of the story archive

    If you see anything broken/misplaced in there, feel free to email me with "TAG CHANGE"

    I'm also still accepting human/Cheerilee/Scratch/CMC/other character tags that are missing.  So email those too!

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here