• Someone in a Pinkie Pie Wig was Ejected from the MLP Movie Premiere for Recording

    (Note: Episode Followup will be a little late. Expect it some time this evening)

    For those that missed our post a few weeks ago, the official My Little Pony Movie premiere happened today in New York City. This is the one all the staffers and talent get to attend. Unfortunately, someone in the audience thought it would be a good idea to try recording it for whatever reason and was caught in the act.

    During this incident storyboarder Aynsley was apparently removed by security with him for some unknown reason, causing her to completely miss a majority of it. We don't have any information on if the guy recording was charged, but here's hoping he was.

    Opinion: We have a few more early releases of the movie coming up, meaning more chances for stuff like this to go down. Just remember, the staff behind the movie worked their asses off for the past year on it. How about not busting out a handicam and releasing garbage versions online?

    Update: We are getting reports that it was actually a girl and her boyfriend who were recording, and there may be more to this than we first recovered from Twitter. Updating as more information is gathered.

    Update: Aynsley was apparently mistaken for being part of the two recording the movie.


    Thanks to "User" for the heads up.